Top 10 HVAC Marketing Ideas That Work for Field Services

Do you know who your customers are? Do you have a long term marketing goal?

When thinking about creating a HVAC marketing plan, think about what goal you have in mind to achieve. Do you want more customers? Do you want an increase in off season work? Or do you want to start including more services in your business?

HVAC marketing can be one of the best ways to grow your business and with the right marketing strategies, you can make sure all your goals are easily achievable.

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How To Make A Killer HVAC Marketing Strategy

Part of HVAC marketing is knowing who your customer is and understanding what services you offer. Lead generation can be sparked by killer marketing strategies to grow your business and expand your client base.

When you combine a CRM software into your marketing plan, you increase your chances of success and expand your platform to include more potential leads for your business.

HVAC marketing strategies can expand your customer base, help balance your workflow and create a steady cash flow year round. If your HVAC company is relying solely on an ad in the local paper or worse yet no advertising at all, you will find you are limiting your company to achieving your full potential. Take a look at how your local service can become a well known and trusted name in our 10 best HVAC marketing strategies below.


The 10 Best HVAC Marketing Strategies

From search engine optimization to the best online reviews and email marketing, we are running through the 10 best marketing ideas to include in your field service business.

1.Expand your Social Media Presence

In our modern age of technology, there is more to having a well known name than having a place in the yellow pages. With a social media presence and well executed plan, you can expand your HVAC leads to include popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Having an online presence on sites such as these can be a great way to advertise through paid ads and demonstrate your services effectively. For your asset management system, social media marketing can be the very tool your business needs to expand with your digital marketing campaigns. The bigger the online presence the better for businesses, it creates a reliable and trusting appearance when a potential customer does a simple Google search, making your business look more professional and solidified.

2.Use Newsletters and Email Campaigns to Create New Leads

Email marketing is yet another field service solution that works on expanding your client base. Digital marketing is all about connecting with your present customers and reaching those potential customers who are on the lookout for a new field service business.
With services such as MailChimp, you can send out constant updates, reminders and service changes. Having weekly or monthly newsletters is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and stay in the forefront of their mind when the time comes that they need a HVAC business.

3.Use SEM/SEO to Optimise Your Content

Search engine marketing with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can systemise your content marketing. Through using search engines to target local SEO/SEM, you will achieve more long term success that is required through research in what is trending in the industry.

SEM and SEO may seem like foreign concepts to some HVAC companies and hiring an expert in marketing and search engine optimization can be of benefit here. With SEO and SEM, you can target your website to appear for commonly searched phrases or keywords and hence gain more clicks on your business page.

4.Have a High Quality Website

For your field asset management, you want your HVAC website to be optimised and easy to use (Both desktop and mobile friendly). Your website needs to have clear tabs and organised information – Just as you would have an organised reception at your office, you want your website to be welcoming to your customers.

Part of your website and online marketing is about having your contact information easily seen including your phone number, office address, email address and any important service data updates. Having your information easily accessible could be the difference in obtaining a potential customer and scaring one off.

5.Consider Digital Advertising

For more instant results for your money, paid advertising such as pay per click advertising options like Google ads or Facebook ads can all be great options.

Digital advertising can give your business higher search results when your customers search for “Local HVAC services in my area”, to ensure you are among the top results. For your advertising, you have options in paying for as much or as little as you require.

6.Showcase Your Services

One of the best HVAC advertising ideas you can take into your planning, is showcasing your services for all your current and new customers. HVAC clients don’t always have the luxury to call every local business to find out service information. When your customers have a leaking air condition in plus 30 degree heat, they want efficiency and clarity.


7.Offer Seasonal Events

In the HVAC industry seasonal work can cause influxes of busy periods and slower months with little to no work. By offering seasonal events in your slower months, you can reduce equipment downtime and boost your year round cashflow. By reminding your customers of servicing and preventive maintenance, you can schedule your work in the quieter moments of the year. Promotional events can be a great way to get constant work year round for your business.

8.Keep Up With Your Competition

For HVAC companies, your content and services are constantly held in comparison against other competitors in your local area. When a customer has an air conditioning unit that needs maintenance and they google their HVAC local services, ideally you want your business to be one of the top results. If your competitors all have great SEM results, effective websites and use platforms like Google AdWords, your business might not even get a view without marketing.

9.Plan Your KPIs

For the best HVAC marketing strategy, you will gain the highest results by incorporating KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your current performance against what you want to achieve.

With asset KPIs, you can make sure you are making progress in your marketing campaign and discover what is or isn’t working well. Aimlessly running into a marketing strategy might have some short term benefits but to reap the maximum benefits from your work, having a set goal in mind and KPIs to tick off each week can ensure you are refining and improving your marketing.


Digital graph

10.Build Long Lasting and Trusting Relationships

One of the best ways to market your business is through your current clients. Reviews and recommendations speak for themselves in business and with raving reviews, you can help your company become more noticeable amongst the sea of competitors in the field.

When you build trust with your customers, they know they have a HVAC business to rely on when their HVAC unit fails them. The old rule of thumb in business is taking care of your current clients and cementing your relationship with them before taking on new clients.

Word of mouth can be an effective (and free) marketing tool and if your CRM is well executed, your customers will be shouting your praise from the rooftops for all your potential customers to hear. When tackling HVAC advertising, building trust is important amongst your customers and without it, it will be difficult to keep those new customers you are bringing in.

Customer and technician

Customer and technician

FieldInsight And Marketing Your HVAC Company

Google ads, PPC ads (Paid Per Click advertising), search engine results, social media and email campaigns, can all be great steps towards expanding your HVAC leads and making your local service easy to navigate for your customers.
When you take a look at the various marketing strategies you can implement into your business, you have a wide range of options available to help you meet your marketing goals.

For HVAC services, job management software like FieldInsight as a CMMS software can work towards optimizing your workflow and expanding your lead potential.

Book a demo today or contact one of our product specialists to talk about how your business can step into the digital ad and improve your marketing campaign.

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