HVAC Quote & Estimating Software

Are you frustrated with forgetting or losing quotes in your HVAC business?

Save time and gain confidence in your Sales pipeline with our HVAC quote software. Avoid misplacing or forgetting to follow-up a quote amongst all the other moving parts of a busy HVAC business. 

Develop a system for all your HVAC Quotes including history & data in one simple to access system.

  • Central place for all your quotes.
  • Instantly view the status of all your quotes.
  • Quote into a job without copying and pasting stacks of data.
  • Cut your quoting time down by hours with pre-built packages.

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How frustrating is it when you don't know where all your quotes are?

See all your quotes in a simple view. Avoid wasting time checking folders on your desktop or going through a filing cabinet. 

Check your HVAC sales & quote pipeline with confidence. Improve team efficiency and customer service today.

  • No more lost quotes. Easy to use HVAC takeoff and estimating software, store all your data in the one place. Don't lose another quote again!
  • Have a full history of all your quotes. With estimating software keep a history of all your quotes, see at a glance how long a job took in the past what you can learn what to charge for future jobs.
  • Easily search for quotes. You can search by name, number or address to find the quote you need, when you need it.

Fast quoting
"I tried other Solutions and spent $10,000 and over 6 months trying to get it to work; I couldn’t get my data in or get it working the way I needed. It was incredibly frustrating. I called Paul and explained what I wanted and he stuck with me to get everything I needed up and running. It took a little while for the team to get onboard, but now they love it too. Life is just flowing so much better now."
— Diane from Heating And Cooling
Follow Quotes

Do you forget to follow up on a Quote in timely manner?

See your quotes by status using our HVAC quote software. Avoid the headache of misplacing quotes or not knowing whether a quote is in draft or awaiting a response. 

Cut the guessworks and use our Follow-up Report and Triggered Reminders. 

  • Set up automatic follow-up emails if a quote is in a status for too long. No more forgetting to follow up on a quote - be on the ball with all your HVAC jobs.
  • Create a Job from approved quote. Schedule the work ASAP and order relevant materials.
  • See your sales team's performance. With easy to use software you see what works and what doesn't, more importantly, who is performing and who isn't.

”I used to spend weeks chasing paperwork and 2 hours create each report for a customer, we do 100s of maintenance contracts and this was a huge time waster for me. With FieldInsight, it takes minutes to generate the reports and the guys have the information they need to do their job in hand which means I get the information on the same day, such a win for me.”

— Simone from Commercial HVAC in Melbourne

Are you tired of repetitive double data entry?

Stop spending hours copying and pasting data with our HVAC quote software. Turn a quote into a purchase order, job card or an invoice with a tap of the finger. 

  • Click of a button turn a quote into a job. After a quote has been accepted you can swiftly update your plans and turn your quote into a job.
  • Turn a quote into a purchase order. You can easily update and create purchase orders on the job page to manage costs and supplier orders.
  • Turn a quote into a invoice. Get paid quicker by getting a deposit or full invoice out to the customer.

A simple schedule

“Imagine being able to fit in an extra 3 jobs per week for each tech, for the same costs with less time? FieldInsight gives me the confidence to generate more revenue in my HVAC sales pipeline"

—  Simon Dixon
FieldInsight Package

Save hours of administration

Easy to package service and products. Create a correct quote in seconds. With our HVAC quote software, you can use our packaged templates to save you hours of manual time.

  • Create packages made up of service items and products.
  • Assign stages to your job. You can assign stages to your projects such as cut in, rough out or fit off. This way you can see how long each task will take to give you a better estimation for future jobs.
  • Cut quoting time down dramatically. Take the stress away and optimise your quoting time to a few minutes.

"The boys turned up on-site, and for some reason, the supervisor wanted a specific SWMS document before the guys could get on to site. This would be 2 hours of downtime, as they drove to the office, printed out the SWMS and sent the guys to the site to do the work we get paid for. With FieldInsight app, my tech selected the SWMS we needed, the two techs on-site signed it, and they emailed it off to the Builder. And they were good to go. The Builder could not believe that such professional SWMS could be produced in such a fast way. Everyone was happy"

— Bill Molloy, Geelong HVAC

Why choose FieldInsight over others?

With FieldInsight not only do you get the best in HVAC estimating software and automation, you get a software that will mould to fit into your business. With FieldInsight you can manage all aspects of your business in the one easy to access place. You will have all your project management, SWMS, assets, job history, invoices, quotes and more just at a few clicks of a button.

FieldInsight incorporates marketing, sales, office and field to synchronise your business and ensure your business can meet its potential and impress your customers.

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FieldInsight's Guarantee

We are confident our commercial HVAC software will get you up and running the way you want. With FieldInsight, we offer a 90 Day guarantee on your On-boarding fee and subscription costs. 

Paul Tyrrell - CEO FieldInsight.com

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FieldInsight by 2020 will have helped Mechanical Services businesses save 1,000,000 hours of lost Productivity.
To do this we make it easy and fast for technicians to capture the information needed, ensure they are working safely, capture job costs and can quote and invoice quickly.
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