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Accounting Software Within FieldInsight

Reckon is an accounting software designed with small businesses in mind. As an alternative software to QuickBooks, Reckon is user friendly and will help to boost your customer relationship management. With Reckon, you can manage your cash flow, track jobs in real time, pay your technicians with just a click and access online features no matter where you are.

With FieldInsight, you have the option to access Reckon within FieldInsight to save time without having to constantly change between different software. With FieldInsight integration, you can bring your Reckon accounting software into FieldInsight and access all your accounting from one place.

With Reckon and FieldInsight integration you can:

  • Identify your POS (Point Of Sale)
  • Work with a single touch payroll
  • Balance cash flow year round
  • Work in real time to view your budgets
  • Manage your bank reconciliation
  • Meet your business needs with flexible software and available templates
  • Have high visibility over your bank accounts and account health
  • Connect your team members seamlessly
  • Use the FieldInsight app to access your online accounting no matter where you are

For small business owners, Reckon integration will provide easy access to your online accounting software within FieldInsight.

Point Of Sale And Accounting Software

Your point of sale system is an important part of your billing cycle and needs to have proper documentation and easy user access. With accounting systems like Reckon within FieldInsight, you can enable easy online transactions after completing your service or installation job.

With FieldInsight’s automated status triggers you can choose to send your invoice as soon as your work is signed off and complete. With this easy access you can activate your point of sale system with your accounting software to complete payments from your customers without the added stress.

Do You Get Frustrated With Slow Cash Flow?

When you have a slow pay cycle, it can be hard to find space for business growth and healthy cash flow in your business.

With the perfect payroll software like Reckon in combination with FieldInsight you can eliminate slow pay cycles and ensure you always get paid on time.
With Reckon accounts you will ensure there is:

  • No more payroll discrepancies
  • No more slow invoicing
  • No more stale quotes
  • No more jumping from software to software just to complete a simple task
  • No more headaches at tax time
  • No more out of pocket expenses

With FieldInsight’s powerful integration software you can increase your profit by up to 15% and reduce pesky data entry errors by 50%. With online software in your business, you can better connect with your customers with the right accounting tools.

How Easy Is It?

Integrating your Reckon accounting is as easy as just a few clicks…

  1. Go to your FieldInsight account icon and select the ‘enable’ button.
  2. In the popup box enter your Reckon username and password.
  3. Now click yes to allow FieldInsight access to your Reckon account so you can export files.
  4. Click on ‘cashbook’ and select the book that you want to export your invoices to.
  5. Import your contacts and inventory into FieldInsight (optional).
  6. Now you can close the popup and your integration is ready to use

Now to export your invoices from FieldInsight to Reckon, all you need to do is click on the ‘export’ button on the selected invoice or tick all the invoices you want to export and click on the button ‘export to reckon’. Now your Reckon account and FieldInsight will be connected seamlessly.

It is as easy as that to connect your favourite accounting software with FieldInsight’s end-to-end job management.

Reckon One Integration Into Your Business

Are you looking to improve your end-to-end management with an accounting solution? Does your current software or accounting system provide the flexibility you need as a small business? With FieldInsight you can an easy to use job management system that covers the five primary automations; sales, marketing, office, field and accounts. With Reckon as a solution to your accounting needs, you can take advantage of FieldInsight’s flexible features to create a system that best suits your business.

For more details about what FieldInsight and accounting integration can do for you, contact us today for more information or book a demo for a free trial to see what end-to-end software can do for you.

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