Job Management working with MYOB Advanced

See the power of FieldInsight, End to End Field Service Management integrated with MYOB Advanced Accounting and how it can help your business operations.

Cloud Based Enterprise Resource Planning

With a cloud based ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) as a part of your FieldInsight business management software solution, you can boost productivity and create more control in your workflow.

MYOB Advanced is a cloud based business management solution that provides easy to use accounting, payroll and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for your company. FieldInsight with MYOB Advanced cloud based accounting allows your team to be connected and provide visibility over all of your jobs and expenses and financial reporting. MYOB Advanced is an Australian and New Zealand designed solution that is up to date with the latest compliances for Accounting to ensure your business ticks all the right boxes.

For the perfect software to match your business needs, MYOB advanced can be integrated in to FieldInsight to complete your perfect software combination. MYOB specialises in financial management, inventory management, project accounting, industry backing and business intelligence.

With FieldInsight and MYOB Advanced accounting integration you can get the best of two softwares within the one workflow.

Integration In Your End-To-End Software

If you already use MYOB Advanced as your accounting software, you can integrate your account in to FieldInsight with a few clicks.

When you use FieldInsight’s end-to-end field service business software, you have the option to integrate your chosen accounting software. With MYOB Advanced as your chosen cloud based and tax accounting software, you can power your business with heightened visibility.
With MYOB Advanced integration in FieldInsight, you can:

  • Customise your reporting
  • Cut time spent on report generation by 80%
  • Use templates for ease of re-use
  • Create consistency with pricing templates
  • Manage multiple sites and assets with just a few clicks
  • Keep an eye on job budgets
  • Use real time tracking
  • Build an audit trail
  • Easy payroll functions
  • Easy product support
  • Manage maintenance schedules
  • User friendly order management
  • Easy tax account record keeping
  • Boost your project management performance


  • Meet your flexible business requirements
  • Easy to use self service portal
  • Boost your customer service

When you include integration into your business, you can achieve fast scheduling, boost your productivity and free up your wasted admin time to help support team accountability.

Do You Get Frustrated With Lack Of Visibility In Your Workflow?

For your growing business, MYOB ERP with FieldInsight software can help you build more visibility in your workflow.

With real time software like MYOB Advanced, you can connect your business with industry focused features.

No more working blindly.

When you have MYOB Advanced integration within FieldInsight, you will have:

  • Remove costly human errors.
  • No more stale quotes.
  • Never missing invoicing on time.
  • Clean-up inventory management.
  • No more unorganised project accounting.
  • Say goodbye to messy account record keeping.
  • No more disappointed customers.
  • Remove frustration of asset management across multiple sites
With FieldInsight’s powerful integration software you can increase your profit by up to 15% and reduce pesky data entry errors by 50%. With online software in your business, you can better connect with your customers with the right accounting tools.

You won’t lose paperwork again with FieldInsight’s easy-to-use software

All you will ever need can be easily accessed from the one centralised workflow.

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets and whiteboard organisation
  • With FieldInsight you can access the 5 primary automations within the one platform (sales, office, field, marketing and accounting).

If you want to combine your MYOB accounting software with FieldInsight, it’s as easy as just a few clicks.

  1. Open your ‘integrations’ on your FieldInsight user icon drop down menu.
  2. Click the ‘enable’ button next to the MYOB software.
  3. In the popup window, sign into the MYOB account.
  4. In the ‘MYOB company file’ window, select your company from the drop down field, then add your username and password.
  5. Update any tax settings in the options if applicable.
  6. Confirm or change any MYOB account settings.
  7. Tick the box beside ‘Update MYOB customer and inventory on sync from FieldInsight’, then click ‘done’.

As easy as that, your MYOB accounting software will be integrated into your FieldInsight system. You can now work in real time to grow your business and boost your productivity.

Accounting Software In Your Business

Cloud ERP solutions are the best in class for reliability, consistency and security for your business data/workflows. With FieldInsight’s options for integration, you can access the best in customer support, CRM solutions, purchase order management, payroll options and help your team as your business grows.

With the correct accounting tools, you can connect to your customers and ensure your growing business is meeting all your financial and business reporting needs.

Get in touch today with our Sales team to find out what FieldInsight’s software can do for your business. Do you want to know more about business management software? Is your accounting skills lacking? Are you interested in a cloud ERP solution in your business?

For more details about what FieldInsight and accounting integration can do for you, contact us today for more information.

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