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Real Time Job Tracking

Do you struggle to plan routes for your business? It can be difficult to juggle optimizing routes, technician availability, and a lack of communication on top of asset details. With real time job tracking you can take the guessing out of your workflow.

FieldInsight’s real time job tracking gives you accountability over all your jobs and their statuses. FieldInsight allows you to:

  • Update statuses from the field
  • Trigger notifications from statuses
  • Gain thorough asset and job history
  • See more insight into your jobs

Gain Visibility Over Your Workflow

When you have a lack of visibility over your jobs, you may find that you have a black hole in your business where time and money is constantly lost. You might have no idea where your techs are, what jobs have been done, or if vital steps were missed on the job.

FieldInsight gives you visibility over multi stop routes, dynamic routing and service time windows with workflow management. You can easily access the FieldInsight platform from your Apple or Android devices to update real time data.

FieldInsight gives you the power to:

  • Use route planning apps such as Waze map or Google maps integrations
  • Access GPS tracking to see where all your techs are
  • View optimal routes for a tech’s jobs
  • Access route management with tech availability

Benefits of Route Planning Software

  • With a route optimization platform you can gain the power back in your business. FieldInsight’s route planning software allows you to:
    • Plan routes for your techs
    • See order tracking
    • Add in multiple routes
    • Schedule in service calls
    • Boost customer satisfaction
    • Save time with automation
    • Access proof of delivery routes

The Only Route Optimization Software You Need

Do you have multiple stops within your planned routes? Does your delivery route planning involve spreadsheets and whiteboards? If you are frustrated with juggling order tracking, planning routes, and trying to save time in your business, there is only one end-to-end platform that you need.

FieldInsight has features surrounding optimized routes for field service delivery businesses. You don’t need to switch back and forward between three different apps, or try to read a hastily drawn paper map to find your next customer’s address.

With the FieldInsight route planner, all you need is accessible within the one platform. With just a few clicks, you can see your asset details, customer information, safety documentation, and of course the optimal routes for your day.

Save time in your field service business with FieldInsight’s routing software features. Find out how we can help you today.

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