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When creating your preventive maintenance electrical checklist, there are a few important steps you need to take to ensure success for your business. With the right job management software and a great checklist under your belt, you will have the ability to prolong asset life cycles, cut ridiculous repair costs and impress your customers.
With preventive maintenance, you gain more control over your assets and reduce the chance of unplanned equipment breakdowns. When you have defective electrical parts, it can lead to system failure and create hazards on site. When you have a great maintenance plan in action, you can catch any defects and ensure all your customer’s equipment is operating at its best.

In this blog we will take you through how you can create your perfect EPM program (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) so you can make the best decisions for your business.

The Top 9 Benefits Of An Electrical Preventive Procedure In Your Workflow

When you introduce asset KPIs and goals into your business, you establish a solid foundation that your team can consistently work towards. With an EPM program in your business, you can tackle common problems like equipment downtime and lowered asset performance. With regular electrical inspections on site, your technicians can identify hazards, unsafe equipment, installation issues and introduce safety measures.
As a part of your work order management and EPM your technicians will be able to:

1. Steer Clear Of Electrical Shorts

No business wants to get the phone call from their customer saying that their asset has just caught fire due to an electrical short. Without maintenance electrical short circuits can be overloaded and go unnoticed until the issues worsens and a short fire occurs.
A simple task such as checking for overloading or frayed wires during each routine maintenance can be a small step that will save you from massive repair costs, and liability suits in the long term.

2. Avoid Corrosion

A physical inspection of your internal and external assets is an important step to add to your preventive checklist. Usually this will involve checking for dust build up, unusual smells or noises. These can be the result of melted insulation, corrosion, a leak in the system or an overworked motor. Adding a physical inspection into your checklist will ensure your technicians don’t miss any abnormalities in your asset, no matter how small.

3. Stop Overheating

Another important step to add to your preventive maintenance checklist is inspecting your asset for overheating. Before electrical assets and parts fail, they will often begin to overheat first. If you can catch this issue before the system fails, you have time to replace the part and avoid that emergency call from your customer down the track. Checking the motor, wires, connections, bearings and transformers is often a key place to start and ensuring all your moving parts have adequate lubrication (remembering that over-lubrication can cause as many issues as no lubrication and will result in excessive heat generation).

4. Ensure Indicators Are Functioning

Sometimes defects can go unnoticed because your indicators and emergency lighting are the ones at fault. Thinking your asset is in perfect condition can be an easy mistake to make if your indicators are faulty. In your monthly checklist, adding in a check of your emergency indicators is always recommended.

5. Save Energy

When your assets are performing at optimal levels, you will find you don’t have ridiculous power bills and annoyed customers. When your customer’s assets are running overloaded because they haven’t had a good clean or they are running off old parts that should have been replaced months ago, your customers will end up paying an arm and a leg in energy bills.

6. Ensure Safety Is High On Your List

Avoiding hazards is a major concern for business, especially when you are dealing with electrical equipment that can cause serious damage. Ignoring safety standards to cut corners can leave your business liable and cause harm to your technicians and customers. Ensure to always have simple steps in your electrical checklist like; wear correct PPE, clean up spills, check for frayed wires and remember to shut off power before removing parts.

When you include safety in your checklist and maintenance records you also save yourself from liability if your team has done the right thing. If an auditor or a liability lawyer sees that your team has no SWMS or safety measures in place after an incident has occurred, it is more than likely you will have to take the blame.

7. Get The Most Out Of Your Asset’s Life Cycle

A great way to boost your CRM and keep a balanced schedule is with an EPM plan. When your technicians are armed with a great checklist for their routine maintenance, they can ensure they are doing their best to avoid system failure and keep your customers happy.

Steps to include in your electrical maintenance checklist to extend asset life span can include replacing parts due to wear and tear and regular cleaning.

8. Ensure Your Team Is Meeting Regulatory Standards

Without a solid structure in your maintenance workflow, it can be hard to adhere to electrical standards and remain compliant. Ensure that you know the standards and safety work practices your business needs to meet (This can vary from asset to asset, and state to state). When you have researched your local standards, you can make sure you have the right steps in your preventive maintenance workflow to meet them.

9. Warranty and Insurance

If you are starting a field based business or trying to grow your old business, you need to know what your warranty and insurance measures are. If there is an accident due to your negligence, your warranty or insurance may not cover you and you can be held liable to the costs. Remember to do the research behind your electrical inspections and keep a thorough record of your work.

For more checklists ideas and plans, read FieldInsight’s Preventive Maintenance Schedule for Pumps and The Ultimate Boiler Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

Your Electrical Procedure And Job Management Software

With the benefits of PM software in your business, you can have access to your office and field seamlessly to connect your team and keep everyone in the loop.
When you have a great checklist in place for your preventive maintenance, you can say goodbye to constant breakdowns and unhappy customers.

With FieldInsight you can create a checklist, schedule maintenance and send your customers or technicians reminders with just a few clicks. Book a free demo today to discover how your electrical maintenance can be improved.

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