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A Guide To HVAC Preventive Maintenance

What is preventive maintenance and why is it relevant to the HVAC industry?

If you are wondering why you need preventive maintenance in your field service business, there are a number of factors you need to consider that will help keep your business running smoothly. With Preventive Maintenance Software in your business, you will find it is the first leap towards improved productivity and success. Preventive maintenance is all about balancing your workflow and ensuring your assets are getting the most out of their lifecycle through consistent servicing.

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With a great preventive maintenance program under your belt, you will find keeping up regular maintenance is a breeze and it might even save you money.

What Is HVAC Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventative maintenance software is simply a system that assists you to ensure regular servicing of any heating and cooling system. With preventive maintenance software you can make sure that your client’s assets have regular maintenance and keep on track of your maintenance plan.

Preventive maintenance software will reduce human errors and ensure proper protocols and standards are upkept with triggered reminders and schedules. When you incorporate a HVAC preventative maintenance system into your company, you can synchronise the moving parts in your workflow and streamline your services.

The important part of preventive maintenance is the ability to catch issues before they snowball into defects that can compromise the performance of an asset. If all your HVAC business does is react to these defects as they arise, you will find it is hard to grow as a business as all your work is reliant on an asset breaking down. When you use preventative maintenance to counteract this problem, you can balance your workflow and schedule with more efficiency in mind. With a great preventative maintenance software, it can be easy to maintain a balanced schedule and keep your servicing on the right track.

For more on maintenance practices, check out the 12 Best Preventive Maintenance Best Practices.

Top Benefits Of HVAC Preventive Maintenance Software

A HVAC preventative maintenance system will help keep your workflow steady throughout the year with a balanced cash flow in hand. When you schedule your service work for your HVAC equipment in your quieter months, you enable your technician to reduce some of the pressure from the busy months and ensure all your assets have prolonged life cycles.

The key aim in preventative maintenance is catching smaller defects before major issues arise such as faulty electrical connections, poor indoor air quality, clogged air filters, a cracked heat exchanger or a carbon monoxide leak. Not only can unmaintained assets be a safety hazard, but they can also end up costing your customers an arm and a leg in energy bills. If your customer’s air conditioning unit has gone without servicing for years it will no longer be energy efficient and can be cheaper for your customer to get a new unit installed rather than fork out the money for continuous repairs.

List of Defects

With regular inspections, you can ensure all your assets are kept clean, tidy and energy efficient. With field service automation you can reduce unplanned breakdowns and focus on maintaining productivity year round.

When you make the decision to incorporate a preventative HVAC system into your business, you will find you can:

Reduce downtime with HVAC preventative maintenance

Prevention is the best solution for HVAC heating and cooling assets. When you have the ability to reduce unplanned downtime through a regular maintenance plan, you can make sure all your assets are within an ideal performance range. Leaving repairs until an asset has developed a defect can contribute to the stress of the machine and increase energy bills for your customers.

In having a HVAC system that will identify issues before they evolve into larger problems you can significantly reduce equipment downtime and more time consuming and costly repairs.

Imagine that you have a customer ringing up in the middle of summer complaining that their air conditioner has broken down because it hasn’t been serviced since it was installed. This can create more stress to your schedule than needed and leave your customer frustrated.

When you are trying to juggle all these moving parts in your schedule on top of emergency repairs, you will find your business will have a very erratic timetable. It’s important to have a preventative maintenance system in place to reduce unplanned equipment downtime and chaotic scenarios such as this.

Keep your HVAC system on track to success

What better way to balance your schedule than having a great software that can track your progress across the field and office. When you have a software that can bring together all the moving parts of your business, you will feel like you are in control again and bring back more power into your business.

Simple Preventative Maintenance

Simple Preventative Maintenance

An Important feature of preventative HVAC systems is the ability to bring up information from the touch of your fingertips. When you have a software that creates easy accessibility, you will find your team will save hours of wasted time.

Build reports with ease

Asset tests and reports can be extremely time consuming and cause headaches for your team when they don’t have the information they need. This can also reflect badly on your business when clients have to constantly pester you, wondering when they are going to get their asset reports back. A simple solution to this is a great maintenance software.

When you have a HVAC system that can allow you to build reports in a matter of a few clicks, add images and data and send it back to the customer within the day, you’ll find your customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

Create visibility and clarity in your workflow

With a higher visibility over your workflow, you will gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of your business, essentially what works and what doesn’t. It can be hard to keep track of all your contracts across the board while juggling unplanned breakdowns and technician’s schedules.

When you have a great management software you can bring your office and field together to create more clarity and easier communication within your business. Creating a consistent system will save you hundreds of hours each year that is usually wasted in trips back to the office for missing part numbers or pesky double data entry.

Balance your heating and cooling schedule

With planned maintenance you can balance your workflow and repairs to reflect your schedule and ensure you aren’t going from all to nothing each week. In the summer and winter usually a technician’s workflow is kept busy while in the slower seasons of spring and autumn (fall), most HVAC companies find themselves with little to no work. Booking in annual maintenance of assets in these slower months to best utilise your time is a great way to balance your schedule.

Why FieldInsight?

As a CMMS software, FieldInsight.com can help you create a maintenance plan that will save you time and money, while making your business a well oiled machine. If you want to reduce equipment downtime, balance your workflow, boost annual maintenance services and create a steady cash flow, FieldInsight is the software for you.

Get on track today by introducing the five primary automations into your business and cut down on wasted time. Book a demo today or call us to discuss how FieldInsight can transform your business.

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