Fire Protection Software (Buying Guide and Tips)

With the large amounts of information you need to juggle, fire protection can be tedious to manage without the right tools. From boosting team accountability, servicing fire alarm systems, sending inspection reports or adhering to your local restrictions, there is a lot that goes into the workflow of an average fire protection company.

With the right software you can ensure that your entire business is a well oiled machine when it comes to fire protection.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Fire Service Software

Don’t let your productivity go up in flames because you have zero visibility over your workflow. Don’t wait until your defect management backfires on you or your techs make a simple mistake in the field. With the help of a fire protection software solution, you can give your business the best chance at success. Here’s the top reasons you should be using a fire protection software:

1. Improved service delivery

When it comes to fire equipment servicing, your consistency in the field is vital, but when you have no idea where your techs are, or what jobs have been completed for the day, it can be hard to keep on top of your workflows. With software on your laptop or mobile device your fire safety technicians can improve their delivery methods with ease. From having access to all the information on codes, regulations and asset management to the ability to capture photos in the field, software gives your techs the right tools they need to get the job done right.


2. Higher visibility over inspection history

Without the ability to easily see your inspection history, you will find that it’s easy to repeat mistakes and miss potential defects in your assets. By having the correct fire safety documentation at your fire safety technicians disposal, you can reduce the space for error in your work and improve your service history for future references.

3. Easily save time in your workflow

If you are looking to reach your maintenance goals, reduce wasted time in your workflow, or boost customer satisfaction, a software solution can help you. By better connecting your team in both the office and the field, you can save time in your workflow by reducing the need for trips back to the office for signatures or endless phone calls to find out what the customer address is. Software makes it easy to get the job done without the added stress.

Features to look for in a fire protection software

Sure software is great… but unfortunately not all software solutions will fit the bill. To ensure that you find the right fire quoting or inspection software, here are the top features you should look out for in your searches:

1. Fire safety inspection checklists

Part of tracking team performance and KPIs in the fire protection industry, involves the use of checklists. For your chosen software, you should ideally have features surrounding checklists for servicing, installation and even safety documentation. The use of checklists can create more consistency in your business and ensure that no step is being missed in the field.

2. Less double data entry

From writing up inspection forms to job reports, there is a lot of information that is handled on a daily basis in any field service company. To help reduce the amount of double data entry, a software solution can save you time and effort in just a few clicks. No more copying data from your tech’s timesheet into records, then adding it to your accounting software, then logging it into a payslip. With software you gain more efficiency in your business.

3. Scheduling field service management software

No fire protection software is complete without great scheduling features. To help ensure that your team is kept on the same page and your double data entry is kept to a minimum, scheduling can vastly improve your business.  Keep your team on task with real time updates to their schedules for jobs that are cancelled, running late or on task.

4. Customer management

Field service and customer management need to be balanced in your business to ensure that your jobs are completed on time and your customer satisfaction rate is high. Ensure that your software has field service optimization and customer management to ensure that your customers never feel neglected again.

5. Preventative maintenance tools

As maintenance is a big part of your workflow, you need to find a software that will have the right tools to help you in every aspect of your job from scheduling to compliance reports. The benefits of a PM software help to ensure that you are ticking all the right boxes when it comes to your fire protection management.

Try FieldInsight fire inspection software for your fire protection business

FieldInsight stands out from the crowd of fire protection professionals due to features surrounding its flexibility and ability to meet the ever evolving needs of the field service industry. With FieldInsight, you gain more than just a software, you gain the ability to better connect your team, impress your customers and reduce the amount of pressure on your own shoulders. With FieldInsight you can use automation to do the heavy lifting for your team.

Are you tired of struggling with chaotic workflows and an abundance of wasted time? For a personalized demo and a better look at our fire protection software, see our team at FieldInsight to see what we can do for you.

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