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Quickly Systemise Maintenance Checklists

Use our Free HVAC Preventive Maintenance checklist to get you started on systemising this key workflow starting today!  Save hours of admin across the Field and Office.

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What is equipment management software?

Whether you have a large amount of expensive equipment or a small number of assets in your care, heavy equipment maintenance is important to achieving longevity and peak performance in your assets. 

Heavy equipment management software is the instrument used to streamline workflows and centralise data within your business. Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) works to organise service appointments, collate data from the field, conduct instant reporting and log work orders. Most CMMS software systems are cloud based rather than on premise and help to centralise asset information. With CMMS equipment & construction maintenance software, you can prevent unplanned breakdowns and create more stability in your workflow.

How you can cut costs and save time

When you don’t have a smoothly running maintenance plan in place, you will find that money and time are easily wasted in your daily workflow. With an efficient construction equipment maintenance software you can:

  • Stop losing valuable information
  • Significantly reduce mistakes
  • Create consistency and accountability
  • Gain visibility over your budgets
  • Have access to real time information both in the office and the field
  • Track job status updates
  • Have instant reporting (without the headaches)
  • Have instant access to customer and asset history
  • Upload photos and documentation from the field

What does a good maintenance software solution look like?

When looking at software available on the market, your business deserves the best. Good maintenance software will have features surrounding maintenance history and inventory tracking. To ensure that you can deliver maximum efficiency for construction companies, your software solution needs to have the right tools in place. With FieldInsight as your CMMS software, it will deliver:

  • Inventory management
  • SWMS and documentation
  • Field access via mobile applications
  • Easily accessible data
  • Ability to log work requests
  • Track KPIs
  • Equipment history
  • Report generation
  • Timesheet tracking
  • Integration options
  • GPS tracking
  • Defect reporting

All from the access of either the office or the field. When you have an equipment management program you can trust, you will gain confidence in your business and take some of the stress from your own shoulders.

Are you tired of unplanned breakdowns interrupting your schedule?

Not only are emergency equipment breakdowns frustrating, but they also waste time and can result in hefty maintenance costs for repairs. It’s hard to find the right balance with your equipment maintenance management. Both too little and too much preventive maintenance can be more of a hindrance than a help. With the right equipment maintenance management software you can easily find the right balance in your maintenance schedule. Preventive maintenance tasks with the assistance of checklists and great software will ensure that your technicians never miss anything while in the field.

Why choose FieldInsight?

FieldInsight is an automated software solution that accesses the five primary automations. With FieldInsight you can streamline your maintenance tasks, gain visibility over your equipment costs, create reports from the field and save valuable time in your workflow. To ensure that everyone in your team from your maintenance managers to your technicians are on the same page, you need software that will make communication and collaboration across multiple sites a breeze.

With the right equipment maintenance tracking software in your business, you can turn your workflow around and introduce more productivity into your business. For a free demo, visit FieldInsight to explore your options today.

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