SAP vs Oracle vs FieldInsight | Which One To Choose?

When considering ERP and cloud based solutions for your automated software, there is some consideration that needs to be taken. With the amount of available software designed to automate your workflow, it can become confusing when presented with so many options. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions like SAP, Oracle ERP and FieldInsight can systemise and automate your workflow. In any good ERP software solution you should have availability to; real time information, a centralised database, a user-friendly system and easy integration. When considering SAP vs Oracle vs FieldInsight, you need to know what features will best benefit your business and understand what each software has to offer.

A Brief Overview of SAP and Oracle

In your search for the perfect ERP cloud platform, you will have stumbled upon SAP and Oracle database. While both these ERP cloud applications have anchors in accounting, supply chain management, inventory control, human resources and project management, they also have some differences that set them apart from other software in the field. 

SAP Review

SAP is a cloud based ERP solution that works to increase efficiency and automation for small businesses to large organizations. While SAP offers companies a single interface with a free trial, they do not offer a free version. SAP S/4 HANA ERP software offers deployment options for both cloud deployment options and on premise. The SAP HANA platform provides training for deployment and online support. SAP customers use enterprise resource planning software to help boost productivity in a single platform. 

While SAP products offer an ERP system that includes anchors in asset management, inventory control and supply chain management, they do not offer any third party integrations or audit management. SAP ERP systems do not offer reminders, workflow management and projection.

Oracle Cloud ERP Review

Oracle database offers an enterprise resource planning software that offers financial management tools that use cloud based software. Oracle ERP system is a mid market platform that uses business intelligence to assist in fixed asset management and supply chain management. Oracle competes against SAP with data storage management and database software. Oracle however does not have workflow management, integration options, CRM or real time data availability.  

Oracle ERP Cloud based software focuses on user friendly dashboards, big data management and large enterprise single interface. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose FieldInsight Over SAP and Oracle as an ERP software 

While both SAP and Oracle ERP vendors have many good features, software like FieldInsight covers an End-to-End system that helps to save you hours of admin work each week. To effectively run your business you need a software that will provide an all-in-one platform for your business needs. 

FieldInsight is a seamless E2E system with foundations in asset management, streamlined business processes, audit management, user friendly dashboards, insight in your annual revenue and an easy to use software that can cover all your software needs. 

FieldInsight as a company offers solutions to complex workflows and chaotic systems in your business. Unlike software like Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure, SAP and Oracle, FieldInsight will offer small businesses to large enterprises: 

1. The Best Preventive Maintenance Management In Town 

Great preventive maintenance is important in any field service business and when choosing a software, it is a vital factor to include on your list. Imagine if you could have a software that could save you hours of manual time and make customer reporting as easy as just a click. When you choose FieldInsight as your ERP software, you reduce the need for manual double data entry and can easily boost productivity in your business. 

Preventive maintenance is vital in ensuring that your customer’s assets get the most out of their life cycle and are operating at peak performance. 

With the #1 Australian Preventive Maintenance Software on the market, you can’t go far wrong with FieldInsight at your back. 

2. Great Inventory Management 

While both SAP and Oracle do have some kind of inventory management, FieldInsight offers inventory management tools to save time and boost productivity. With machine learning and management, FieldInsight offers an inventory system to solve pain points in your workflow such as pricing discrepancies, wasted time in the field and stock inconsistencies. 

With the ERP Top Inventory Management in the field, imagine if you could reduce the impacts of wasted time and resources in your business. 

3. User Friendly Project Management 

Project Management Software with FieldInsight ensures that all your costs and jobs can be accessed from the one centralised place. While many companies struggle with software that is overly complex and cumbersome to use, FieldInsight offers a broad range of customizable features and templates. 

Both SAP and Oracle ERP have some form of project management provided in their software workflow, FieldInsight provides insight into business operations at a more customizable level. With the ability to manage tricky project costs, eliminate double data entry in documentation and gain visibility across multiple locations, FieldInsight makes project management a breeze. 

4. Top Of The Line HVAC Timesheet Software

When you are looking at reducing the need for tiresome paper based systems or manual software like Excel or Google Sheets, FieldInsight is the software you need. 

Unlike FieldInsight, Oracle ERP cloud systems do not have timesheet management or a very extensive time based system. While both SAP and Oracle lack in great timesheet management software, FieldInsight provides timesheet management that is simple to use and can easily boost your productivity. 

With the ability to view your jobs at a glance, track RDOs, monitor leave requests and eliminate paper based operations, you will find you can save hours of wasted time every week. 

 5. SWMS Management Without The Headache

With the amount of ERP vendors on the market, you need to ensure that your chosen software has the right tools you need. With the availability of SWMS template software, FieldInsight stands out from the other competitors in the market. 

With the flexibility to easily email SWMS documentation to the site contact or update hazards while in the field, you can ensure to keep your team safe while in the field. With the data points of a centralised SWMS system, your team can access the information they need from both the office and the field. 

With FieldInsight you can book a free consultation today for your business. Book a demo today or chat with one of our product specialists to discuss what FieldInsight can do for you. 

For the #1 field management software in the industry, give FieldInsight a try today. 


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