How Much Does Job Management Software Cost?

For job management software the costs can vary between different platforms. From key features, to number of users, there are several deciding factors that can affect pricing plans.

For an average of 50 users and for a monthly project management software cost, pricing plans can vary from $500 per month to $3,000 per month.

For any project management tool for field service businesses, it will depend on your business needs and any demands from basic task management to complex projects and project planning.

Job Management Software Costs (By Company Size)

For a breakdown of project management software solutions based on the size of your business operations, you could expect to see something like:

  • For a small business or SMB with 1 – 10 techs: $20-80 (monthly fee) or $500- $1,500 (upfront fee) excluding the instalment and implementation costs.
  • For mid market businesses with 20-30 techs: $80-150 (monthly fee) or $1,500 -$3,000 (upfront fee) excluding the instalment and implementation costs.
  • For large or enterprise businesses with 30+ techs: $150-$300+ (monthly fee) or $3,000- $5,000+ (upfront fee) excluding the instalment and implementation costs.

Factors that Impact Job Management Software Pricing

Project management tools can be affected by some main areas of job management, including:

1. Advanced features

Some project management solutions will include more advanced features that can raise the price of your software subscription. While simple project management platform will include basics like scheduling, other software platform can become more complex, even including the creation of new features to suit your own business needs.

2. Number of team members

For both your office and field team, the number of users that will be accessing the project management software will also vary the price. Some software will have a basic plan while others will go off specific project team members usage.

3. Industry

Field service management software is used across a wide range of industries, from plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, engineering, construction, or even heavy equipment. For each of these industries, there will be specific requirements and this will accordingly affect the price.

Always check with your job management software provider for more information on what your business plan entails when you decide on your software.

Top Job Management Software Solutions – Pricing Comparison

Some average project management solution pricing plans can vary from:

  • Jira: $725.00 per month/50 users
  • Projects: $2,750.00 per month/50 users
  • $1,000 per month/50 users
  • Zoho Projects: $500.00 per month/50 users

Benefits of Job Management Software

The benefits of a job management are countless, from assisting in resource allocation for job sites, to file storage or collaboration tools, how far you go with your software will depend on you.

The best project management software will:

  • You can quickly and efficiently schedule appointments
  • Save time typically wasted in double data entry
  • Optimize your routing with GPS tracking
  • Simple mobile access
  • Complete task management
  • Set to do lists for techs
  • Thorough job history available
  • Track tools needed on the job
  • Time tracking tools
  • Manage project costs
  • Managing inventory and warehouse stock
  • Book repeat preventative maintenance jobs with just a click
  • Boost your communication with your customers
  • Easy follow up on quotes that go stale
  • Fast invoicing options
  • Automated reminders and notifications (for you and your customers)
  • and many more

Choosing FieldInsight’s Platform Instead Of Other Software Solutions

When it comes to finding the perfect project management software with advanced features for small businesses to medium sized businesses or enterprise companies, there is only all-in-one platform you need.

Unlike other project management platform solutions, FieldInsight is a flexible option that can adapt and grow with your business. You don’t have to struggle to fit our software into your business, our software platform seamlessly blends into your current workflows and task management, creating the ability to save you time and money.

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