How Much Does HVAC Management Software Cost?

HVAC businesses always have a lot of moving parts to juggle, from scheduling to asset maintenance and customer management, on any given day this can be a nightmare to organise – especially without the right HVAC service software options at your fingertips. While there are hundreds and hundreds of software options on the market, not all of them will be suitable to your unique business processes and needs. But how do you choose the right software?

For your HVAC business the price of software will be one of the main indicators to judge whether or not a software is suited to your business. On average for a HVAC business you can expect to pay anything from $20/per month or $500 for smaller projects, or $299/per month or even $6,000 upfront fees (excluding any installation or implementation fees). Below we will dive into what goes into software pricing and how to find a suitable match for your business.

HVAC Management Software Costs (By Company Size)

To find the best HVAC software by cost and company size, here is an average of what you can expect to pay for software options:

These prices will also be impacted by implementation fees and by other factors such as number of users.

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Factors that Impact HVAC Management Software Pricing

Not all field service software will have the same features and tools available to you, and you will find that even how a software is priced will vary. For field service management software, here are some of the main impactors that will vary pricing for HVAC software options.

1. Number of users in HVAC businesses

For a field service software the pricing can be affected by the number of users in a HVAC business. In the HVAC industry it is typical for a business to have a number of both office and field staff to run a company, and for each of these team members that intend to use your software, you will need to pay. Some software does this per user, or by grouping into categories or with flat rate pricing.

2. Features of HVAC software providers

In determining commercial HVAC software cost, you will also need to consider the features that you require for your business. Some HVAC companies will need more admin focused features, while others may need more features surrounding a mobile app for the field, this will be unique for each business.

While most free HVAC software options will only have basic features like logging notes or a to-do list, paid HVAC software features can include anything from:

  • Technician tracking tools
  • GPS tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management features
  • Online payments
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Storing customer data
  • and more

The more advanced features you require, the more that software will cost your business. However, you need to view software as an investment in your business, while this might be a big expense for your business, consider how much you will save and gain in the long term. From a reduction in wasted time, to most visibility over your daily operations. With a HVAC software you don’t just save money and time, you gain the ability to scale your business and better reach your goals.

3. Support

Not all management service businesses will need support with their software, but for more complex software options, it can be extremely useful to have a thorough implementation process. For your HVAC company, this might mean a few online or in-person meetings with your software provider to help walk you through how to best use your new software. This can also mean ongoing support in case you run into any blockers in the future. It can be extremely helpful to have a good relationship with your HVAC business software.

Top HVAC Software Solutions – Pricing Comparison

To find the best HVAC service software for your business, you should always do some shopping around first and compare product reviews. For an overview of software options on the market, here is an example of what to expect:

  • RazorSync: $55/per month
  • BlueFolder: $175/per month
  • AllyPro: $224/per month
  • Dispatch: $99/per month
  • Housecall Pro: $49/per month

Benefits of HVAC Software

You will find that with most HVAC software you gain a huge reduction in your wasted time that eats up your businesses productivity. Some of the main benefits you will find from HVAC software include but are not limited to:

  • More clarity over your business margins with clear budget and project tracking
  • Visibility over your stock with inventory tracking
  • Clear customer communication with instant reporting and notifications through a customer portal
  • Easy scheduling for HVAC contractors and field technicians
  • Ability to track your jobs and predict future trends in your scheduling

Choosing FieldInsight’s Platform Instead Of Other Software Solution

For an all in one software, there is only one option that you need to know about when it comes to a flexible platform and user friendly system. FieldInsight.

FieldInsight is an end-to-end platform that seamlessly blends into your business, not the other way around. While some software options force you to change your systems to suit them, FieldInsight understands that every business is unique. From job management, customer management, job costing, inventory management, scheduling, reporting, accounting integration options, and more, FieldInsight can help you save time and money in your workflows.

If you are looking for a small business or enterprise company, FieldInsight can help you ace your daily operations and start moving onwards and upwards with your potential. Find out how you can book a free demo below, we’d love to chat to you about how we can help you.

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