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Generating HVAC Leads (Complete Guide for Service Managers)

Are you struggling to generate more leads for your HVAC company? Marketing is a vital part of any field service business and can help you generate HVAC leads to grow your business and balance your revenue.

To help generate more leads and impress your future customers, HVAC software can allow you to regain the power in your business. In this guide we will run through how you can improve your lead generation and get more HVAC leads without the added stress.

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Strategies to generate HVAC Leads

HVAC marketing strategies can help you find more valuable leads and create more opportunities for your business. When you expand your marketing efforts to incorporate more strategies, you will find that you open your business to new untapped audiences that could be your potential clients.

Here are the top 7 strategies you should take note of for the HVAC industry.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a big part of online marketing, SEO helps to make your website stand out and become more visible when people search for services. SEO uses keywords to appear in search results of your potential customers when they type in for example ‘HVAC contractor’, ‘air conditioning repairs’ or ‘local businesses with heating services in my area’. Your prospective customers will be shown the results that best match their enquiry into the search engine, and this will be represented by a website’s SEO ranking.

However you don’t need to stress if you feel like including SEO on your HVAC website is out of your area of expertise. Hiring someone for your marketing team to help with your SEO and field service metrics can go a long way to boost your online ranking for your business.

2. Get a strong CTA

A CTA or Call To Action is important to help spur your potential customers into action. A concise CTA can show your customers what their next step could be. This might include an online form for contact details, a button to book an appointment, or an offer for a free quote if you ‘click here’.

The placement of your CTA will also be important on your website. You need to ensure that new customers can easily see what you have to offer without having to scroll down too far.

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3. Grow your Online Presence

Social media is another useful tool when it comes to HVAC lead generation. Social media can be a great way to showcase your services online and bring attention to positive customer reviews. When it comes to customer management in your business, boosting your visibility will go a long way for generating leads.

Online reviews and customer testimonials can help win your potential customers and show off the strong points of your business. Your social media presence can help build your online portfolio and generate more online leads. Ask your current customers to leave you a review and post it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever social media platforms you prefer using.

4. Paid Ads

HVAC advertising isn’t all organic search results, you can also use paid ads to help generate leads. Using paid Google Ads is very common when it comes to building a marketing strategy for sales leads.

Part of running your HVAC business and generating an online presence for lead generation will include setting aside a budget for your marketing services. You can choose to spend this on advertising such as ‘Pay-per-click’ or PPC. Find keywords that best represent your business and local services and use them to create paid ads so your business will appear at the top of the search results.

However, if you plan on using HVAC lead generation companies to help gain more commercial HVAC leads, be wary as many shared leads will have already been sold to your competitors or no longer need a HVAC service.

5. Create Incentives to Recommend your HVAC Services

Many high quality leads will come from positive reviews left by your past customers. This is a great source of free advertising that can help you obtain more HVAC leads.

Another way you can add to your lead generation strategies is by offering incentives for customers who recommend your HVAC services to other people. You could offer discounted rates or a gift card for every customer who successfully refers a new client to you. Not only is this a cheaper way to attract HVAC leads, but it can also help you boost your revenue and build awareness of your HVAC business.

6. Network your HVAC Business

You can network your HVAC business both online and in person. In your local community you have opportunities such as sponsorship to help build brand awareness and optimize your field service business.

Reaching out to potential customers or business can be a great way to impress and show off your HVAC services. You could consider reaching out via cold phone calls or with an email marketing campaign. You might even find a local business or two would be happy to hand out business cards for you. Building your network is another relatively cheaper option and can be a great way to market your services.

7. Plan, Track and Repeat

One of the biggest mistakes when trying to build HVAC leads online is not tracking your success. If HVAC leads cost you $100 in advertising, you need to know that you are going to be able to make a return on your investment. For more established businesses, this is around 5-12% of their gross revenue and for newer business, around 11-21%. If you are not making back that $100 you spent on sponsors and paid Ads, then you may need to rethink your strategy.

By using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can track the progress of your sales team and marketing strategies to ensure that you start to see the highest average monthly revenue possible for your business. Plan out your goals for achieving exclusive HVAC leads, execute, track and repeat until you succeed.

Key takeaways for HVAC companies

From search engines and digital marketing to Google Ads and online reviews, there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to building the right digital marketing strategy for your HVAC company.

Whether you want to get more positive customer reviews, boost local SEO optimization, or find more exclusive HVAC leads for your business, you need to have a good marketing strategy in place.

With a field service software like FieldInsight, you can tackle everything from marketing to asset management. Find out more today by booking a no obligation demo to see how we can help you.

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