HVAC Estimating: The Secrets to Creating Quality Commercial HVAC Estimates That Close

Have you ever struggled to close a sale for your HVAC business? Have you ever underestimated the cost of a new HVAC installation?

For commercial HVAC it can be hard to balance costs for your estimates and when you get it wrong it can make closing a deal nearly impossible. One of the best ways to ace your estimating and close your sales is with the right HVAC estimate system.  With a HVAC estimate tool you can better balance your cost estimates without the headaches and long office hours. Here is all you need to know for your HVAC estimate.

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Top 5 factors you should include in your HVAC estimate

Getting your HVAC estimates right are vital to maintaining good customer relationships and a balanced profit for your business. When you get your HVAC proposal or estimate right, you will find you increase your chance at winning more customers and can help improve your efficiency.

1. HVAC Installation Costs

Most importantly, you need to include an in depth description of your costs such as your HVAC installation, labor costs, ductwork installation or HVAC replacement system. The two most important costs will be divided into material costs and labor costs. With the right job management, you will easily be able to view your costs and adjust your prices to best suit your desired profit.

2. Warranty for the new HVAC system

Including details surrounding the warranty and maintenance for your HVAC unit will be another vital factor to include in your HVAC estimate. In the unfortunate event that an asset defect occurs, your customers need to have the right information in order to know what will be covered under warranty.

3. Contact details

Importantly you will need to share how your customer can contact you to follow up on their HVAC estimates. One of the easiest ways to lose a customer will be if they don’t know how to follow up and you are left with silence.

4. Why YOU stand out

Including what makes your business different and stand out from the crowd can be a great way to shine the light on your services. Every business is unique and your customers will want to know what makes you stand out. A little boasting is never a bad thing when it comes to winning customers and closing sales.

The importance of an HVAC software solution

Choosing the right HVAC software solution can also be a deciding factor in your success when talking about HVAC estimates. Whether you’re replacing an existing system or looking for a new system for your business, you can easily save time and boost efficiency with the right system estimate tool.

If you find that you have suffered with lost information or just looking to save money, a cost estimate software can help to boost your efficiency. No one has the brain space to memorize prices for central air conditioning installation, cost to install new ductwork, boosting energy efficiency, or how much a home improvement project will cost. With the help of a software solution, all you need to do is open your software and you have all the information at your fingertips.

1. Meet your KPIs and goals

If you set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and goals for your business to help track your business growth, tracking the right field service metrics will be vital. As part of your HVAC estimates, you can set the tone for how much profit your business will generate. You might have goals around boosting your profit and with the right software solution you can access full visibility over your projects and cost estimates.

2. Instant access to HVAC system data

Knowledge is power… especially when all the information you need is just a click away. Imagine if you had a software solution that you could easily access your data with just a few clicks- no more diving into filing cabinets or searching for that one sticky note. You can search for data on repair costs, find job reports, replacement cost, installation cost of what you need to do to improve greater energy efficiency for your client’s home improvement project.

3. Optimize your business

With HVAC estimate software you gain better field service optimization for your business. When you can cut wasted time from your workflow, you bring more power back into your business and make more space for activities that matter. Optimizing your business with a HVAC estimate tool can make your work more consistent and reduce the space for human errors in your work.

Key takeaways for your HVAC systems

When it comes to your HVAC estimate, there are a few important things to remember, always include:

  • The total cost
  • Contact details
  • Professional installation details
  • Warranty details

Getting your HVAC estimate right is important and it can help your business save time and money. With the right software solution, you can maximize your HVAC estimates without sacrificing your time.

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