Top 5 HVAC Apps To Automate Your Workflow (2023 Updated)

When you are running a HVAC business, there are many moving parts that you need to manage and using a paper based system just doesn’t cover it. We all know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the information you need, or when your office isn’t organised or when you have technicians running all over the place. Going digital can solve lots of problems for your HVAC business and make your life a whole lot easier.

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When you are thinking about going digital and using apps to assist with your HVAC business you need to consider a few things.

What factors you should consider when choosing HVAC apps for your HVAC business?

You need to know firstly what your goal is. Do you want an app that keeps track of your tradies or contractors? Do you want to keep records of your customers? Do you want an app to generate reports for you? Or do you want something that can do everything in the one app? There is a lot out there to consider for your HVAC business.

Just as you need the right tool on the job for HVAC installation and servicing, you need to consider which app will fill in the gaps in your business. Here we have gathered a list of mobile applications for HVAC contractors and businesses to consider.

Marketing Apps

When you are talking about marketing, you are talking about expanding your client base, getting your business known and increasing your profitability. If no one knows who you are, your not going to have clients calling you up asking for business. The internet and social media is a great way to expand your platform and client base. It’s a great way to show off your satisfied customers and 5-star reviews by having a great marketing app.


Zoho is an office note taking and marketing app to help improve your customer relationship management (CRM) and organisation. This is a basic program that will work on your client marketing and bookings in the one HVAC app.


Mailchimp is an American based marketing and automation platform. This app allows you to send out emails and notifications to a large volume of people with an easy process. This app focuses on marketing and CRM alone for your HVAC business.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a great way to expand your client base by automation and emailing. Like MailChimp and Zoho, this app will work to increase your HVAC jobs by creating more awareness for your business.

Sales Apps

Sales are an important part of any HVAC field service or installation business. You need to be able to impress your customers with your sales techniques to get jobs. Having an efficient quoting and invoicing system is only one part of the overall picture that you need to be able to achieve success as a business.

Quotient app

Quotient is an app as its name suggests, that assists with easy quoting for any HVAC business. Quotient works to provide templates for quoting to make sales a little easier for you and your office.

Panda Doc

This app will help digitise your sales and provide you with templates and easy to send and sign forms for your customers. This app will work with your sales team in real time to confer with your office and clients.

Office Apps

When you office is organised, your whole business will run more smoothly. So much depends on the office as the heart of your business to be efficient and productive to organise the rest of your HVAC business. You need your office to be able to communicate with your technicians if there is an air conditioning unit that suddenly needs fixing or to give the correct part number for a HVAC duct sizer. If your office isn’t organised, the rest of your business may suffer.

Microsoft todo

This works to create a helpful to-do list for your office to help keep organised. If you have trouble with forgetting tasks or being unorganised, this would be a helpful tool for you.

MicrosoftOffice 365

Microsoft office has several components such as easy to share word documents and spreadsheets that you can share within your team to with your clients. Microsoft is a great office based tool for any HVAC business. If you need to suddenly share some wiring diagrams to your technicians you can swiftly send it and get the job done.

Google Docs


Calendly works to organise and schedule your calendar more efficiently. With this tool you can keep on track of upcoming work or appointments.


Slack can be a great communication tool for your team. You need you team to be on the same page and it can be easy for the office to jump on Slack to let a technician know what HVAC duct sizer they might need on a job site with a simple message.

Field Apps

Mobile App

MobileApp Tech job list

You need to be able to rely on your technicians out in the field and want them to keep up to date with information from the office or customer. When you use HVAC based apps you want to ensure that they fit in with the rest of your business. Tools like voice to text for quick hands-free note taking while at a job can help save you time.

You want your technicians to be able to complete a report and make it available to the office immediately. Everyone’s job becomes easier when they are working with real time available data that’s easy to use. You need to consider this when you chose a software for your business.


This is a reporting app that fills out forms, inspections and more through your app on your tablet or mobile phone. This app helps eliminate the need for carrying around paperwork that can easily get lost.

Square Point of Sale

This app helps HVAC technicians out in the field when performing a HVAC check or installation to get the right method of payment. It allows easy pay on the go that you can connect to your mobile phone so you can be assured your getting paid for your hard work on time. (Keep in mind that a 1.9% surcharge applies to each transaction)


OneNote is a note taking app that will help any HVAC technician remember the important details on a job. You can write notes for a job or draw out the wiring diagrams for an asset while on site to show the office later. OneNote is a handy tool for any HVAC business to keep track of their information.

Accounting Apps

In any HVAC company you need to have a good accounting system. With the easy access of apps, you can make your system go digital. You want your accounting system to be a smooth flowing system that will save you some of the manual time of doing your own book keeping or hiring an expensive accountant. An accounting system can help calculate friction loss, expenses and more.


MYOB is an Australian accounting business software. You can chose from different packages with MYOB to suit your business from simple payroll to more complex job tracking, inventory and budget monitoring.


Reckon is a flexible and cheaper alternative that has a built payroll system and doesn’t use third parties.


Xero can help transform your small business with easy to use accounting software and apps. They can send you reminders, help with payroll and track jobs through the Xero job tracker.


This app helps track HVAC jobs and your cash flow. Quickbooks can also report and provide insight to your income and expenses and track your growth.

Consider Using End-To End Job Management Solution

What is end-to-end job management?

End-to-End (E2E) Job management can be broken into five primary automations; marketing, sales, field, office and accounting. When you start using apps like these above, you will run into inevitable limitations and realisation that having multiple apps for each part of your business can be hard to collaborate and manage.



While having your information on an app allows your business to run smoother than paper or whiteboards, you need to consider what will work best for your business. FieldInsight is a user friendly automated software that fits into your business and allows your information to be in the one place.

What makes FieldInsight different from other HVAC Contractor Apps?

FieldInsight as a Job Management Software works in real time with HVAC businesses to increase productivity and efficiency. When you use FieldInsight your business will:

  • be connected and operate as one rather than having to use different apps for each aspect of your business
  • be able to communicate freely with your team both in the office and out in the field
  • manage customer asset information, work orders, customer details, contractors, reports and more will all be available in the touch of your fingertips

Ask yourself, what your life would look like if your business was organised in a centralised and automated database? Just think of the potential for growth and expansion if you had such a tool under your belt…

Job Management Software to Balance System & Automation for
Commercial HVAC Businesses

We would love to show you how to achieve a systemised and automated HVAC business.

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