Top 5 Benefits of Cloud HVAC Software

Do you struggle with a lack of synchronised data? Tired of everyone running on different pages? HVAC companies face a lot of moving parts and challenges in their daily workflow, that’s why HVAC software is so powerful. From boosting your customer satisfaction to inventory management, there are countless benefits cloud HVAC software can provide.

HVAC Management Software can save you time in all the operations of your business, from simple data entry to automated notifications and scheduling.

Whether you already have a HVAC software and are looking to upgrade to an all-in-one solution, or you are running off a paper based system and tired of pulling your hair out – a HVAC software platform is what you need to start finding success in your business.

1. Empower your team

With job management you can empower your whole team and ensure that your field service software keeps everyone on the same page. Most HVAC businesses will have a team of service professionals who are busy in the field covering a wide range of jobs. With software implemented into your HVAC business you can use job management to easily track your techs and manage all your jobs.

How FieldInsight can help you: job management

FieldInsight’s job management allows you to see all your job updates including status changes from the one place. In the HVAC industry you need to have high visibility over all your site jobs and technician schedules. FieldInsight stands out with automation software to ensure you can minimise wasted time and access more features within the one system.

2. Integration options

Accounting software integration options are the perfect way to combine your workflow solutions in the one place. Imagine how easy it would be if all your billing information, customer information, and quotes were in the same place? With integration options for accounting software you can ensure bill payment is a breeze for your customers.

How FieldInsight can help you: integration Accounting software

For field service software integration, FieldInsight is a flexible option. With options such as Xero, MYOB Advanced, Quickbooks, MYOB AccountRight, ReckonOne, and more, it makes it easy to access everything you need. FieldInsight even has option integration options to make your experience easier such as Microsoft PowerBI, eWay, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more.

3. Quick billing cycle

When you have multiple users for your software, it can be hard to figure out who has or hasn’t sent invoices. How do you know if your project managers have signed off on a quote? Did you include the right pricing for the equipment and work orders? Without visibility over your workflow, you can easily make mistakes. However when you have a field service software you can control your invoicing, work orders, quoting, and see what status your tasks are at. You’ll never miss a quote or invoice follow-up again.

How FieldInsight can help you: Automation and instant reminders

FieldInsight’s all-in-one software platform ensures that you won’t get lost in your own paperwork. Your HVAC contractors in the field can complete work through their mobile device and an invoice or quote can be sent off to your customer instantly with automation. No more hours to fill in paperwork every week. FieldInsight helps you improve your billing systems and boost your organization amongst your team.

4. Instant information

There is nothing worse than when your HVAC contractors are in the field and realise they have forgotten something they need, whether it was the to-do the project manager wrote them or the code they needed to get onto a site. Thankfully with field service software, you can instantly access all the information you need from your mobile. No more rushed trips back to the office during a job.

How FieldInsight can help you: All you need in the one place!

From your asset service history, weekly schedule, task to-do list, or even the location of your asset on site, you can access all this and more from FieldInsight- no matter where you are. With the power of instant information, your technicians can work more consistently and boost on-site performance. FieldInsight has advanced search functions for tasks, jobs and customer information to ensure that you can find exactly what you need in a hurry.

5. Improve customer satisfaction

Customers always expect the best quality performance and it can be hard to deliver if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. With HVAC software you will never miss an appointment, never lose your paperwork, never let a defect go unnoticed, and always impress your customers.

How FieldInsight can help you: CRM software!

With FieldInsight’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software you can ensure that you build the best relationships you can with all your customers. From customer reports, to notifications before your technician leaves the office, you can ensure your customers always have the best experience with your business and leave a lasting impression. Efficiently manage customers with multiple locations or assets, and use custom fields to capture the data you need from office or mobile app.

What Makes FieldInsight Different?

In a busy market of HVAC software and field service platforms, how does FieldInsight stand out? The answer is simple.

FieldInsight is an all-in-one system platform that is flexible, customisable and user friendly. You can use FieldInsight for complex and simple problems as you need, choosing how it integrates with your business. We don’t force your business into a box like other software companies, we make our software suit you.

But don’t just trust our word! you can book in a free demo today and see for yourself. Just follow the links below and see where FieldInsight can take you!


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