Top 6 FieldInsight Feature Updates for May

Top 6 FieldInsight Feature Updates for May

Tired of stale software or jumping from platform to platform just to complete a simple task? As the only all-in-one job management platform you need, FieldInsight can save you time and boost your productivity. 

One of the best parts about FieldInsight, is that it is always improving and growing to make your experience even better. To ensure that you get the most from your platform, we have been hard at work in the last month to make some feature updates. 

Here are our top 6 feature update for May: 

1. Updated asset report options

We have updated and created a new option to create a report that includes all the tests on a job or a separate report for any selected tests setup on the template. This option is perfect for those who don’t want to send all the asset test results to the customer. 

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2. Leave request service codes

This new feature update is a new option that allows you to select service code for any leave requests on the mobile and scheduler view. The leave requests are also now updated for technicians and seen the availability on the calendar. 

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3. Receiving goods mobile update

Technicians to receive updates on ‘receiving goods’ whe in the field. This can be helpful for those businesses who get supplies delivered to site to ensure that the technicians can sign off on the delivery and you aren’t paying for supplies that were not delivered. 

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4. New column for WIP on project report 

For your project profit reports, there is now a new column that will show from a glance the work in progress for your job. This will help to show what you need to invoice to cover your costs. There is also a new column for invoices now available. 

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5. To do update for individual technicians 

Now you can show the to-dos for an individual technician on a job. They no longer have to view all the to-dos across the team. This helps create more clarity and ease of use for your techs. 

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6. Recipients update for email 

Once your job is complete, you can use FieldInsight to send a customer an invoice and even take a payment. We have updated this function so you can now add in the ‘cc’ field additional recipients. 

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Coming soon 

Our team is currently working on features surrounding shift and overnight jobs. Check back in next month to see what else our team has updated to make the most of your FieldInsight software. 

Want to learn more about how a job management software can help your business? Contact us to find out why we are the only all-in-one field service management platform.

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