Terms and Conditions - Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

FieldInsight offers a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from Project Commencement (proposal signed) if you choose not to proceed with using FieldInsight. Simply tell us in writing and we will close your account and refund the monies paid to date, this includes bespoke and onboarding fees. We do this not because we believe this is going to happen, but because we have confidence in our ability to deliver on our commitment. We ask that you give it a genuine attempt and communicate with us any problems that are blocking your core workflows, and give us an opportunity to fix or enhance FieldInsight to clear the way

The FieldInsight Client Commitment

The FieldInsight Client Commitment outlines what we would like our relationship to be based on and how we feel you can get the most out of our software automation project together. the commitments that you can expect from our team, and just 6 things we expect from you. If you have any questions or concerns with the Client Commitment, we would be happy to discuss further.


We commit to ...You Commit to ...
Working with your team to capture your current and future state workflow, and integrating that into Job Navigator automation for each workflow3 quicks: quick to implement, quick to ask for help when you need it, and quick to share your feedback on what you like or dislike.
Always being friendly and approachable.Working to get the system in an incremental roll out, this bite sized approach results in the fastest and optimal implementation.
Being there any time you want to go further and deeper with systems and optimisations.Not trying to be a perfectionist before the system is in the hands of the 1-2 pilot users. Using end to end, optimises the workflow fastest and best.
Removing any Big Bang mindset, and rolling out the solution in phases, with manageable change. Iterating each phase until it is right.Being timely in providing information you would like us to configure or import for you.
Build the most intuitive, explicit and shortest number of clicks to complete your functions. Keeping your commitment (after the 30 day guarantee period), participating fully, paying your subscription fee on time.
Giving you a product that never stands still and is continually looking to improve.Referring to FieldInsight at least one person of your calibre, who you feel would benefit from FieldInsight. This means we can spend less time looking for clients, and more time helping you win, and building more awesome features.
Giving you access to support and people who know the product well.
Giving Access to Live In app chat.
Ensuring our team can answer your questions or direct you to the people who can promptly.
Treating you with professionalism and respect and work to help your business with systems and software automation.
Apologising if we ever let you down, and doing our upmost to make it right.
Not letting you off, committing to getting your business automated and supported with the right systems.
Rolling out the systems, training, and support in a way that empowers them.