Why choose FieldInsight over Others?

First, we’d like to acknowledge businesses who offer software in this space similar to FieldInsight. We've all built great software to help field service businesses run effective job management workflows that save time and money. If you’re here to understand the difference between Fieldinsight and some of the Others, or are looking at alternatives, you’re in the right place.

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What features differentiate FieldInsight?

Powerful Job Scheduling
Work on Android and Apple Devices
Dynamic SWMS Automator™
CC processing in the Field
Book as Many Jobs as you want
Your Client Portal
Advanced Asset Management
Dynamic Asset Report Automator™
Maintenance Scheduling
Planned Maintenance Scheduling
Automatic Quote and Invoice Follow Ups
Quoting, Invoicing, PO, Service Reports, History TrackingQ,I,PO
Quote Packages
Irregular Schedule Templates
Mobile Job Completion, Photos, Checklists
Editable SWMS templates in the Field
Attachments and Photos
Email to Job Scheduling
Drag and Drop Calendar
Real-Time - In App Support
Calibration Management integrated Google Sheets Calibration Reports
Project P&L and Job Margins
Asset Defect Management / Workflow

The Top 2 Reasons Why Companies Choose FieldInsight Over Others

FieldInsight operates with an exclusive nine step delivery model. This delivery model guarantees you a successful implementation of our software. We run through every process in your business to understand in detail how your business operates. We then configure our software to suit your business and your current work flows.

The best thing is our experienced team will take away the hard work for you.

1. The five core systems in the HVAC Job Lifecycle.

HVAC business workflows are complex, covering Marketing, Sales, Office, Field, and Accounts. These systems involve many pieces of paper, many systems are in place relying on Spreadsheets, Whiteboards, Diaries, Paper, filing cabinets, and the good ol’ trusty memory system. FieldInsight helps you automate your business processes in practical and incremental way.

The way you view your Schedule is especially important. FieldInsight has 7 primary Views of your Schedule, A key part of ensuring the transaction and performance improvement of a business with Automating software, is having the system flexible enough to adapt to the way your business has evolved. FieldInsight has a limitless number of fields you can show on your job box.

FieldInsight Commercial HVAC Business Software

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2. Our Star Delivery Model ™ delivering On-boarding Excellence

Mapping your current work-flow into software automations is a key step to transforming your business.

Moving from paper or poorly fitting software seamlessly into FieldInsight is achieved with FieldInsigh’s Job Navigator ™. This is the simplest and most intuitive way, giving you clear visibility and control over the whole process.

This powerful feature helps you systemise your key systems: Marketing, Sales, Office, Field and Accounts in the most efficient and easiest way imaginable.

A key to your successful implementation is our laser focus on Your Goals, by focusing on your goals and needs we dramatically increase the success rate, and satisfied customers. Our entire On-boarding process is aimed at ensuring your goals are realised. It’s not enough to have oodles of features but to ensure the features needed to meet the goals are there and focused on.

Another common way implementations fail is when a whole system is handed over in one go. The overwhelming feeling of having too much to absorb causes stalled implementation. A key principle of the Star Delivery Model ™ is to Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time, this philosophy reduces complexity and overwhelm and results in a much faster roll-out over all, and value achieved early on in the on-boarding process.

Job Management

Access all client & job details real-time from the field. Field staff can complete all the tasks including asset tests, invoicing and reports all from a mobile device.

Job Check-lists & Tasks

Set up Job Checklists for the field staff, ensure all checks completed before completing the job. Manage office Tasks/To-do easily.

Smart Scheduling

Manage staff scheduling from the office or the beach. Leverage smoothing of the schedule across qualified team member and forecast peak/low periods up to 3 months in advance.

  • Send reminders automatically
  • Send reports after job completion – dont wait

Quoting & Invoicing

Create quotes & invoices in the field or office. Customer & item details sync to Xero, MYOB ARL/Advanced, ReckonOne, Quickbooks and take Payments in the Field with eWay.

Safety Forms

Complete SWMS/JSEA’s seamlessly from the Field. Issue PDF to customer/builder/foreman.

Integrations that Work

Leverage integrations to key software systems to automate more of your supporting workflows.

  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Quoting
  • Marketing

Advanced Asset Workflow

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling up to 2 years in advanced.  Complete asset tests/checks in the field, manage defect capture/quoting and reporting from a single app and send Asset Service/Maintenance reports to customers in a timely manner.

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