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Reduce your double data entry and simplify project scheduling. With FieldInsight you can easily manage construction projects, gain visibility over your team, and boost quality control across your business.

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Expert Resource Planning for Civil Construction Projects

Do you struggle from a lack of visibility in your workflow? In the civil industry it is vital that you have high visibility across all your projects. Without clarity over your projects, you will find that you have more mistakes, more frustration, and an overwhelming feeling that your business is running out of control. 

With resource planning you can access features to improve your workflow and boost your efficiency throughout the day. FieldInsight’s disciples resource requirements allow you to set specialised roles for each project to ensure the right technician is always on the job.

What does expert resource planning look like?

  • View future and current projects
  • Set disciples resource requirements 
  • Plan your projects with ease
  • More control over your business 
  • High visibility over your planning

Need a Better Project Planning System?

Do you have a project planning system in place, or do you let chaos take control of the wheel? Without a project planning system in place, you can risk your projects running over budget and over your time frames. Don’t let your projects fail because you didn’t have a planning system in place. 

When you utilise a project planning system, you can better plan for the future and increase your productivity. With FieldInsight’s project planning software you can easily:

  • Find and repair holes in your workflow 
  • Make more informed business decisions 
  • Improve insight into your own business

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Gain Control Over Your Time Management Solution

In the civil construction industry, time is a valuable resource. From planning stages across different trades, to ensuring that your team is putting in the correct hours, you need to ensure that you have an effective time management solution. 

With FieldInsight’s smart time management solution, you can easily keep on top of all the time spent on your projects. 

  • Flexible timesheet Control for Supervisors, project managers and staff.
  • Track time such as leave requests, RDOs, and penalty rates
  • Review and approve hours against your projects or jobs

Simplify Your Document Management

No one wants to lose important documentation, not only is it frustrating, but looks unprofessional to your clients.

Whether you are in the field or in the office, you can access FieldInsight’s documentation management system to share information across your team, view past reports, send completed reports to your customers, or simply allow everyone to add their signature to a document without the hassle. 

FieldInsight will help you to:

  • Increase your data and document security 
  • Save time across your workflow 
  • Reduce your double data entry 

Looking For an All-in-One Civil Construction Project Management Software?

Jumping from software to software just to complete a simple task? Do you have a dozen apps on your phone to help with scheduling, timesheets, documentation management, and client data? No one wants to waste time logging into multiple software applications, especially when you could be using an all-in-one solution like FieldInisght. 

FieldInsight’s civil construction management software is an end-to-end solution that allows you to manage jobs with ease. 

  • Select equipment and technician availability for projects
  • View your cost estimates
  • Build your project scope
  • Undertake risk assessments
  • Define your team’s roles and responsibilities  
  • Align your milestones for projects

Efficient Project Estimating

Estimating your project costs and timeframe is a vital element to your job success. That’s why FieldInsight has a wealth of features that you can use to efficiently manage your projects. With FieldInsight you can: 

  • Track purchase orders 
  • View a profit report
  • Access rates, bills and budget

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Manage Job Statuses

View your timing of jobs based on availability of resources and determine best fit by discipline, skills, and induction. 

  • Update the status of projects and jobs
  • Set to-dos for your projects
  • View skills and availability for your team

Gain Visibility Over Your Budget

With visibility over your civil construction project budgets, you can make sure you never exceed your limits. Stay on top of your budget planning and easily access your profit report for your project. 

  • Balance project costs
  • View project cost variations
  • View quote and invoice statuses

Manage The Entire Lifecycle of Your Projects

From day-to-day operations to complex jobs, FieldInsight makes it easy to gain visibility over your projects from start to finish.

  • Track and manage your projects from start to finish
  • Create ongoing or split jobs
  • Add timesheet hours to jobs

Easily Juggle Multiple Projects

With the ability to manage multiple projects in your business, you can gain more visibility over your workflow. Whether you have multiple onsite jobs, or large clients with multiple sites, you can easily access asset data, equipment details, and the right technician skills and disciplines for the job. 

  • View your list of projects and their statuses 
  • Assign project manager 
  • Set end and start dates

Why is FieldInsight Different?

FieldInsight is an all-in-one system platform that is flexible, customisable and user friendly. You can use FieldInsight for complex and simple problems as you need, choosing how it integrates with your business. We don’t force your business into a box like other software companies, we make our software suit you.

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