How to Register an O-AUTH App

Registering an O-AUTH application.

Before your Application can use the Authorization Server for user login, you must first register the app (also known as the Client.) Once registered, your app will be granted access to the API, subject to approval by its users.

Log into the FieldInsight App with your development account and you will be able to register your application. Click on new to create a new application

  • Name: this is the name of the client application on the server, and will be displayed on the authorization request page, where users can allow/deny access to their data.
  • Client ID : this is one of the keys used to authorize the application to act on behalf of a user.
  • Client Secret : this is the other key used to authorize the appllication, This one should not be shown to the user.
  • Client type: this value affects the security level at which some communications between the client application and the authorization server are performed. Choose Confidential.
  • Authorization grant type: choose Authorization code. Other grant types are supported if you require them but no examples are provided for those grant types.
  • Redirect uris: Applications must register at least one redirection endpoint before using the authorization endpoint. The Authorization Server will deliver the access token to the client only if the client specifies one of the verified redirection uris

You can use your Client Secret and ID to access the FieldInsight endpoints detailed here.