Guide To HVAC Automation For Your Field Business

HVAC Automation (Complete Guide for Service Managers)

Automation in the HVAC field can boost productivity, create more balance in your business and improve daily operations. With the help of HVAC software and automation, you can turn hours of manual work into just a few clicks. 

In this guide we dive into tips and tricks on how automation can help your HVAC business save time and boost productivity. 

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Problems with manual works in HVAC management

Managing a HVAC business comes with many challenges, from the scorching summer heat to the below freezing winter temperatures, it’s vital that your customer’s HVAC units are working at their best. When you are relying on manual systems to juggle and organize your schedule, you can come across issues such as out of date equipment maintenance, lost information, lack of communication and a huge waste of time. 

1. Maintenance HVAC Equipment Scheduling 

Manual HVAC scheduling can be a problem for many service and building managers. When you need to schedule jobs and tasks from installation to after care maintenance, you need to have a good system that you can rely on. When you introduce the use of automation to HVAC systems, you can easily monitor operations and asset performance so you can more accurately schedule your work. 

2. Lost Information 

In ever evolving times, you need your programs to be operating at the highest level. From HVAC proposals to installation contracts, you need to be able to have fast access to all your information. Unfortunately, one of the problems when looking at manual work in HVAC facilities, is an excess of lost information. As a part of building management systems with more automation, looking at how you can access and store your information is key. 


3. Lack of Communication 

When relying on manual systems, a lack of communication can be a common issue between both your company and your customers, and your office and field teams. Communication is essential when it comes to the field service industry and with the control that automation gives your business, you will find that your operations flow more smoothly. 

When you have automation, you can devote more time and attention to your customers through instant messaging and notifications. The use of efficient controllers for HVAC systems allows you to easily monitor field assets and ensure the best energy efficiency level is maintained with HVAC control assets. 

4. Wasted Time 

Has your technician lost the paperwork for the HVAC control system they installed and had to race back to the office? In any field service operation, wasted time can be a huge killer of productivity. If you find that you have an excess of wasted time, you will find it harder to reach your HVAC goals and KPIs, and you will struggle to keep your customers satisfied.  With the help of remote monitoring and automation, your technicians will have more control over potential problems in the field and as a result, you will have less wasted time in your workflow. 

How to use automation in your HVAC business

Automation is becoming a tool that no field service business should be without. From helping you save money to helping boost energy efficiency, automation in your business can be a vital steppingstone for business growth and increased productivity in your team. 

Here are the top ways you can use automation and integration in your business. 

1. Tracking jobs 

Juggling HVAC work orders and job details can be difficult without the right systems in place. With automation, you can use job tracking tools to keep up to date on job statuses and have access to the information you need. 

You will find that when you are successful with automation and tracking jobs you can better: 

  • Access asset and client history 
  • Easier quoting and invoicing 
  • Quicker response time to job call outs 
  • Simpler scheduling for jobs 

2. More lead growth opportunities 

When you search for new leads, it can become time consuming and result in many dead ends. With the help of automation and HVAC apps, you can create more lead growth opportunities for your HVAC system by reaching more people. Getting a high return on your investments is important, and with automation you will find that you can reach more potential clients and easily nurture the leads you already have. 

3. Data entry 

From estimating jobs for HVAC to creating reports on asset systems, data entry can consume hours of your time each week. With the help of automation, you can turn 10+ hours of admin work into just a few minutes. Minimizing your data entry can be beneficial to your team both in the office and the field. Imagine if your field technicians could easily log temperature readings, set points for air conditioners, or upload images of installed equipment with just a few clicks. 

When you maintain control over your data entry with automation, you reduce the space for error and can make the process easier for all your team. 

Benefits of HVAC automation

Whether you are managing a business that focuses on air conditioning, ventilation, heating, or cooling solutions, you will find that all HVAC system centred businesses have one thing in common. The need to retain and build on your customer relationship base. When you combine the power of automation and field service software in your business, you will find that you are more equipped to meet your customer’s needs and vastly improve your productivity.

When it comes to project management in the HVAC industry, you could be juggling anything from installing sensors, alarms, or controllers to your additional assets or installing new HVAC systems for your clients. That’s why you need a system that will be versatile to your needs. With automation, you have all the information you need from your mobile or tablet device as you move from building to building. Automation provides the flexibility for your business to help you reach your full potential. 

Key takeaways for HVAC automation 

In the field service environment, there is a high demand for accuracy and efficiency when it comes to your jobs. With manual work, you can face problems such as:

  1. Maintenance equipment scheduling 
  2. Lost information 
  3. Lack of communication 
  4. And wasted time 

Building owners want increasingly better energy savings and energy consumption for their HVAC systems. This is where automation comes in. When you have automation, you can easily monitor through controls and sensors to gain more information for your clients and ensure that their HVAC equipment is working at the peak performance level. 

With a field service software like FieldInsight, not only do you gain the benefits of an automation HVAC solution, but you gain access to a flexible and easy to use software that covers the five primary automations (and more, including integration solutions). 

Are you looking to gain more control over your current system? Do you want the ability to instantly search for the information you need in the field? Click here to book a 15min call and allow us to understand your problems with automation.

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