Top FieldInsight Features for December

For those looking to invest in a job management software, or those wanting to take the next step in their business, at FieldInsight we like to wrap up our top features every month to ensure our customers get the most out of their experience. We are constantly looking to improve your experience with feature updates and we are always enhancing our platform. 

Whether you are already a part of our FieldInsight family or looking for your new field service software, here is our wrap up of our top features of December 2022: 

1. Project job filters

This update allows Schedulers to be able to quickly filter Jobs based on these filters without the need to go to other pages since they usually use the Project Page view.

2. Hide/show ability on project timesheet

For more convenience and visibility we have added a hide and show ability to the project timesheet page in the timesheet column. This allows you to section what you see on the page for relevance.

3. Technician availability

Looking to configure your technician’s available days? You can now quickly add the days a technician is available or unavailable from the roster. This ensures that you have less clicks and can efficiently complete your technician’s availability.

4. New filters

Now on the staff page there are additional filters you can use. This change includes; Discipline (only when system field JOB_DISCIPLINES is enabled) and subcontractor (dropdown: Yes/No). You will now be able to see the different colours in the technician column based on discipline.

5. Project type column

This update to the sales performance workflow allows you to add a project type in a new column. This is now added after the project name.

6. Job discipline section

Previously there was no separation between technician disciplines and unit disciplines on the job’s page. Now with this new update there is a separate table for both Technicians Discipline and Units Discipline to reduce any confusion and help you determine the right tech for the job.

7. Improved usability of the Maintenance contract page

This feature update reduces the amount of time and clicks spent to show your customer’s assets. If you are on the maintenance contracts page you can now click the show assets button and this takes you to the asset list page. Get on top of your asset and defect management today. 

8. Labour calculator

This new system field setting when turned on allows you to show four new columns in the inventory table on the document page. This automatically calculates the qty as number of workers x estimated hours per day x work duration in days. This automated feature helps you save time and reduce the amount of double data entry and calculation in your workflow.

9. Moving the job card with drag and drop

Now you have the ability to DRAG and DROP a job, on the project scheduling screen, to move it to a different day. This allows you to easily drag and drop the job card from one date to another on a project.

10. New inventory types

We are always looking to increase your visibility over your tasks, especially with this new feature. With this update there are new inventory types to filter service codes on the staff page by these new types; equipment and subcontractor.

11. Hover function for template name

It’s not easy to tell which template is the selected one if it’s not highlighted in the drop down but the name is too long to see enough distinguishing characters in the selected template form control. Now you can simply hover over the template name to view the full name.

12. Linked job PPM tests to contract

Previously when a Scheduler wants to open a Job and click on the PPM Tab you will see the PPM tab display all of the planned tests for this specific Job. Now with this update the Scheduler has a quick hypertext that links the Asset Planned tests showing on this page to its related Maintenance Contract. To access the Maintenance Contract page, navigate to Assets Menu > Maintenance Contract and each PPM has a contract set inside this page.

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