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Job management software pricing

Streamline your business with FieldInsight job management and scheduling, chose your package and signup for a free trial






Live Scheduling
SMS* & Email notifications
Automatic reminders
Job History
Live Runsheet
Split Jobs
Recurring, ongoing & Repeat Jobs


Web App for iOS & Android
Live job status
Job Notes
Custom Fields
Check Lists

Onboarding fee $197 

show onboarding package...

1 x configuration screen share
1 x training screen share
Data uploads and custom field setup
Triggered messages




SalesInsight plus

Project Management
Asset Management
Retention Tracking
Multi Company Xero
Machinery Scheduling



Onboarding fee $1097 

show onboarding package...

3 x configuration screen share
4 x training screen share
Data uploads and custom field setup
Triggered messages
Importing Assets
Template construction
Project step configuration

* If you decide to use the SMS feature it is 12.5c per SMS part. 
All prices in AUD.  In Australia, Prices exclude GST.

Add trackers to your vehicles or machinery


GPS vehicle tracker


Add a real time vehicle tracker to save time and money, allocate jobs to the closest technician and get live updates of where everyone is.
Track your vehicles 24/7
Updates every 5 min
Plan your routes
You buy each tracker outright for $150 each
Installation not included
Aus only, other countries in beta

Pump / Machinery / Unit  scheduling and tracking

Keep everyone on the same page with live scheduling and tracking. Fast and efficient allocation of technicians to a Pump / Unit / Machinery

Auto triggered SMS and email messages
Track live job status
Included free with any of the plans above
Add a GPS tracker (above) for live updates of where your units are

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade later?

Yes you can.

Our mission is to add value to our customer's and their businesses. So we back this by not locking you in, but by delivering an experience where by your business runs smoothly, and your work is profitable.

What are the methods of payment?

We accept Visa or Mastercard for payments. 

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored on high quality servers with an ISP based in Sydney, Australia. Email us and we can give you more details. We have used them for 10 years, and they have been of very high standard.

Will you help me get up and going?

As part of all our onboarding packages, we will help you configure your product, and will give you training.