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SMS charges

12c per SMS part

Send SMS messages to technicians and customers
  • Send automatic on-my-way SMS reminders to customers
  • SMS reminders to technicians about jobs
  • Email messages are included free of charge

On-boarding fee

Starting from $800

We help you get started with training and setup. The on-boarding fee is individually calculated depending on your needs and includes:
  • Configuration of your account, including messages and custom fields
  • Training sessions as needed
  • Import your data such as customers and inventory
  • Help you setup integrations


Schedulers free, no lock-in contract





For technicians or unit, split, reschedule and create custom series for any job. 

invoices-2Mobile App

Live updates of jobs, take notes and images, get customer signatures.


Invoice and take payments in the field. Create and send quotes and purchase orders. And run reports to check on your progress.


Manage your projects efficiently. Keep track of assets and set service reminders.




GPS vehicle tracker

$20 /tracker per month*

Add a real time vehicle tracker to save time and money, allocate jobs to the closest technician and get live updates of where everyone is.
  • Track your vehicles 24/7
  • Updates every 5 min
  • Plan your routes
  • *You buy each tracker outright for $150 each
  • Installation not included
  • Aus only, other countries in beta

Pump / Machinery / Unit scheduling and tracking

Unit management is included free in your month charge

Keep everyone on the same page with live scheduling and tracking. Fast and efficient allocation of technicians to a Pump / Unit / Machinery

  • Auto triggered SMS and email messages
  • Track live job status
  • Included free with any of the plans above
  • Add a GPS tracker (above) for live updates of where your units are


Training and consultation

To support your growing business we offer training to get started with a new feature or a review of your workflow. Maybe you have a new team or would like help to configure a report or template? 

  • Personalised training for Schedulers and Technicians
  • Training videos and cheat sheets specific to your workflow
  • Workflow review
  • Configuration of templates, messages, quotes and invoices 


Configuration: $80 per hour
Training: $100 per hour
Consultation/workflow review: $125 per hour

For existing customers click here to book your session

Get started with a demo, ask questions, review features and learn more

We ask you what your biggest pain points are and show you how to solve your workflow headaches




After the demo, get access to a 14 day free trial to road test the software and access our on-boarding program (charges apply for the on-boarding)


 No high-pressure sales pitch, no obligations. We will just show you how FieldInsight can help your business