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3 Problems Job Management Software Solves for HVAC Companies

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 11/03/18 20:15



There are a lot of plates that need to spin in a busy HVAC company.  Start with.....team scheduling, customer bookings, service bookings, inventory/part ordering/management, quoting, invoicing.....those are just the items that keep the money coming in (or going out)....

...not to forget payroll, HR, compliance .... tiring and you haven't even thought about Sales and Marketing to propel your business forward.

We believe there are at least 3 in the above list that are critical to master as these will help you gain time to deal with the others!

What are the Three ....

  1. Optimised Scheduling
  2. Job management (checklists)
  3. Invoicing

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3 Tips to selecting software for HVAC and Field Services

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 05/03/18 13:40



3 Tips on how to select and make the rolling out of a new software solution for your field service business a less painful or scary experience.

Why would it be scary, should you expect it to be scary?  

Well, say you spend two months rolling out the new software solution and you find yourself frustrated at the end of it!

  • You don't feel like it's fitting in with your business
  • You've got a lot of pushback from all your staff
  • You're getting complaints
  • Issues are appearing

You ask yourself  'How did I get in to that situation?'.  What broke down? Other people have rolled out software and it is working for them - so Why is it not working for you?

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FieldInsight Feature Release Notes - Invoice Sync Xero & Small Changes

Posted by admin on 24/02/18 16:06



We respond to our customers and are continually improving our software.  This is important to ensure that we are seen as innovators and thought leaders in the field service job management software vertical.

Here’s brief description of the latest features:

  • Item codes to auto populate
  • Mandatory item codes on invoicing
  • Payment Sync default to Draft in Xero

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Get the Right Start with your Job Management software - Tips for Success

Posted by Natasha Tyrrell on 19/02/18 10:27



Congratulations, you have made the big step to searching and finding a Job Management software solution for your HVAC Business; or you could be Electrical, Plumbing, Pest Control, Concrete pumping, Lawn/Garden Maintenance the list goes on....the most important similarity across Field Service industries is finding a way to streamline their business for growth and software is the quickest way to achieve this.

It is natural that you have high hopes about what a job scheduling software solution can do for your HVAC business.....and we certainly take that responsbility SERIOUSLY here at FieldInsight - we have spent 10 years perfecting our software for HVAC Commercial and Retail (across Installation & Services) with the help of our customers.

So, how can we take the stress out of this big decision for you...easy....our 3 pillar outline is how we help businesses streamline their business and is core to how we engage and support our customers.


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FieldInsight Feature Release Notes - Streamlined Invoicing & Payment (Feb18)

Posted by admin on 18/02/18 14:45



We respond to our customers and are continually improving our software.  This is important to ensure that we are seen as innovators and thought leaders in the field service job management software vertical.

Here’s brief description of the latest features:

1.  Major Features

  • Simplied menu navigation within the Scheduler App (easier to find information)
  • The invoice workflow for the Driver/Technician has been significantly simplified
  • Xero Payment sync changes
  • Sign (customer) and Payment capture have been added for the Techncian
2.  Minor enhancements
  • Triggered email message changes
  • More data able to be exported from the system
  • New search criteria for the Driver/Technicians to search for Customers
  • Recurring job end dates search changes
  • Exporting of Job details

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Growing pains, when things take off but your systems can't keep up.

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 13/02/18 13:41



We spoke last week of hitting the Growth Ceiling, but what if you have the opposite problem?  Growing too fast that cracks are starting to form!

Growth is excellent but it can come with some risk. Do you have the resources to keep up, do you have the systems in place to ensure the quality is maintained and the profit margins are maintained.

Importantly, regardless of what tool you use, as you start smashing growth you want to check your systems and job management software will scale with you :)  

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Has your HVAC business hit the growth ceiling?

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 05/02/18 11:11




Last week we spoke of how to  'Free yourself from doing Sunday invoicing' so you are not a slave to your Business; don’t you want a streamlined business delivering high quality work and happy customers :)  

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Free yourself from doing Sunday Invoicing

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 29/01/18 16:23



So what's one of the most annoying things that you find yourself doing on a Sunday afternoon? Is that invoicing?



Does that just do your head in that you've got this stack of invoices to get done on a Sunday afternoon? Or you get to the end of Friday and there's a stack of invoices and you, or your team, just haven't got through them all - that delay impacts your cashflow as that is money that is just not being actioned quickly - alarm bells should be ringing when you are not invoicing your customers same day.


All of this is because you're deferring something that should be just done as soon as it is humanly possible. Every time you defer a task, you actually add more time to get that task done! From a systems point of view this is called a task that should be Single Thread.




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3 ways to make your HVAC Customers Angry as all hell

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 22/01/18 18:31



Hi I'm Paul from FieldInsight and I've talked with 1000s of HVAC men and women, and the one common theme is dealing with pissed of customers sucks big time, or as Trump would say, Sucks Bigly. 

HVAC businesses have a huge amount to deal with on a daily basis to keep their business turning over. The only currency you have in the competive market of winning a customer is the experience you give your customers, this is everything for any business. Build up goodwill you get referrals and references, and repeat business, Anger your customers and they are 5 times more likely to spread the bad experience around.

If you dont care how your customers perceive you or you are not keeping that experience top of mind, you are killing your growth opportunity.

Watch below as I talk about the customer experience and the things that will piss them off, or make them sing your praise. 


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7 Tragedies of Paper for HVAC Businesses

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 15/01/18 12:57



I'm Paul from FieldInsight and I'm going to talk about the seven tragedies of paper for a HVAC business. 

We all know the challenges of running a business, in this video I describe why paper can be a killer for productivity and profitability.


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