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Tips for How to Sell for Maximum Impact in Your Mechanical Service Install Business

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 10/07/18 13:25



Hi, I'm Paul from FieldInsight and this is our #TuesdayTalk.

NB:  this is a long post, the video runs 9mins 

Today I'm going to have a chat about Sales and Selling. This is not my strong suit at all but it's something I need to get better at, as I am sure most business owner also need assistance with.

I've had some advice from some of the best sales people in the world and been pointed to some great books (I will reference below).

I have a few business coaches helping me; Dan Martell (Canada), Todd Hermann (New York), and Athol (Business Strategies for Tradesmen) Melbourne.  Three very good business coaches that I have collated advice from and I want to share with you.
This is world-class advice from people who do mega sales, and have built up huge businesses.

As per usual, there is a process - just reference any of our recent posts - they all talk of process optimisation to run predictably and consistently.  Following Processes gives you Discipline.

Tips to leverage People and Processes

When things take off but your systems cant keep up

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Tips to Improve Payment Rates in your Mechanical Services business

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 05/07/18 20:41


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Top Tools to keep on track when things go wrong in your Field Services Business

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 26/06/18 21:52


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3 Steps to $300k extra revenue a year in your Plumbing business

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 21/06/18 19:40



Do you constantly find your year on year growth isn't a smooth trajectory....sometimes showing significant ups or downs?  This could be because you are not securing those annual service renewals after an install.

Sound familiar? 

  • Customers going out of service contract
  • Losing service work for the equipment installed
  • Ran out of time to get customer’s to sign renewal contract 
  • Both the customer and you forget to do the service
  • Competitors are stealing customers by getting the service work for equipment you installed

What would an extra $30k pcm or $300k pa in the bank do for your business?  Could you grow the team, invest more in training.  Do you want to stick it to your competitors by securing your own renewal and ongoing maintenance work?

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Innovation is a Priority to Keep our Customers moving forward

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 13/06/18 19:10


Good day FieldInsight followers (and those who still remember us as

Part of our Values is to Delight our Customers and this means continuing to innovate and provide new features or optimisations to help our customers become more efficient in running their business.  Our Mission is to help those using our software to gain back hours of productivity in their team, to make them more productive and profitable on every project/job.



So lets see what is coming up shortly in our feature roadmap.

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An affordable business coaching program I think hits all the nails on the head

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 12/06/18 13:42


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Are you missing out on Thousands of Dollars on Service Followups

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 06/06/18 13:17



You've done a big install job or you've commissioned a project that's gone great but 12 months down the line you totally forgot to follow up on the service/maintenance work!  

YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that could be added to your bottom line and you are also providing a horrible customer experience.   


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Poor looking Quotes preventing you from winning lucrative jobs?

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 28/05/18 19:18



How much does presentation have an effect on your ability to close a sale?

HINT:  It has a HUGE effect on your opportunity to close a sale

Do you stand out from the Rest?


Humans make decisions based on emotion, not solely based on fact. So you can be the best 'at anything' but if someone's got a better marketing message than you or presenting themselves better then they are going to kick your booty.

What you bring to the table is how you market and present information to your customers - that is where you can make a difference.


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Are you Playing to Win or playing Defensive in your HVAC business

Posted by Natasha Tyrrell on 21/05/18 16:34



As much as it may feel like a lot of effort, business is about growth, and playing defensive isn't the best tactic if your competitors are all playing to win. You just can't sit back and rest on your lorals.

Love it or hate it technology has brought an opportunity to improve efficiency and beat the slow and unreliable paper shuffle.

On a greenie note - a ream of paper costs approximately five dollars to purchase with the average person consuming 230kg per person per year.   :P(tongue and cheek)

Field Service businesses still have a heavy reliance on paper; 

  • quotes or invoices to give to customers
  • purchase orders for stock
  • printed timesheets
  • printed job sheet completion

These ways of working are very manual and add hours to your day unnecessarily which means you cannot fit more work in and you end up chasing your tech's for paper. 

This problem is exacerbated when you expect your technicians to 'drop the paper' back to the office on a regular basis - costing you precious time on new jobs and not to mention increasing costs to the bottom line in petrol and wear and tear on vehicles!

Managing paper is also a huge headache for traceability; where is that quote I sent to the customer, how much did I say that part cost?


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Don’t let your HVAC Business Crash and Burn

Posted by Paul Tyrrell on 14/05/18 17:52



Are obvious steps being missed on jobs resulting in expensive mistakes, wasted time and unhappy customers?


Are you telling your team one thing, but they are doing another thing or do you feel like you are going blue in the face telling your team the same thing again and again?

  • Are Customers calling to say the team left a mess when they wrapped up a job or project?
  • Were basic things missed on the job?
  • Are your team wasting time trying to remember all the things they are meant to do in a job?
  • Even your gun players making obvious mistakes?
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