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Why we Chose to Solve Problems for HVAC

So I hear you ask; What is so specialized about HVAC?

HVAC is one of the most complicated businesses around. There’s a mixture of field service, manufacturing, installation, project management, on call work, emergency call work, support work, annual service work.

It is a complex field service business to be in.

We’ve spent ten years, myself and my team building job management software to solve the end to end workflow for HVAC.

Your business is complex? Our software simplifies it.

FieldInsight is the HVAC solution.

The story is interesting, we didn’t have a clear view when we started, we just said we wanted to create a software business which had the value of using mobile technology, software and systems that added value in the field services industry; any field service business from plumbing through to concrete pumping!

We didn’t really have a target market or customer we were working towards in those early days or where it might lead us. Early in the journey, we met Todd from Melway Electrical (check our Story out) who ran a small AC business. Working with him gave us a basic feature set for HVAC. From there, we just kept asking ourselves these basic questions:

  • What’s the biggest problem we can solve?
  • Where can we add the most value?

And of all the different industries we looked at, HVAC was always the most complex. Even a small HVAC business has twelve bits of paper it has to deal with and has to handle both installation and service workflows concurrently.

So we said, “Let’s throw all our energy into solving this problem” and every time we had a chance, we invested in solving problems for this space.”

The neat thing about solving for HVAC is it solves for the breadth of the field service industry; from Electricians, Cleaners, Garden maintenance and even in to more specialised industries such as Concrete Pumping and Pest Control.

We are committed to HVAC, providing an end-to-end solution for HVAC:- air conditioning, duct work, duct installers, the whole industry is complex.

  • A bit of building
  • A bit of field services
  • Project management
  • A big of on call work

It’s also a profitable industry, we said to ourselves “If we can save them 10% a year, we can make a real dent to their bottom line”.

So we can add value, right? Some real value. Some real meaningful value to these businesses.

  • Value where they can hire more staff.
  • Value where they can grow, scale.

Value where they could have time to invest in their family and spend quality time doing the things they want to do.

They’ve done the hard work building their businesses, they need an upside of that.

But complex businesses are risky because with complexity comes the opportunity for lots of points of loss. If you add up all those points of loss on a medium size HVAC business, you’re looking at $300,000 a year.
And then you look at the upside there’s another $300,000 to add in a year. $30,000 in services work if you get your annual service systems in place.

So we want to help the small and big boys. We want to solve big problems. We want to move the needle for them – make them feel like there is a software solution out there that is custom built for them.

Why we care

Our values/mission are:

  • Do it once and then do it again
  • Repeat until you get it right.
  • You have to work at it to make it better.
  • We never quit.
  • We stick with our customers until they are fully on board and they’re up and running.
  • We don’t care what the hurdles are, our values are to be Open and Honest.

Our mission is to streamline your business, make you profitable and to help you grow and the upside is Win Win.

Bring it on.

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