Top Tips to leverage People and Processes over pure Automation



Hello FieldInsight people. Lesson for the week – My lesson.

I am not a guru – I am on a journey and learning like everyone else.

My lesson centres around a great article I read from Elon Musk (the creator of Tesla and SpaceX).  It has his insights to building and streamlining his business.

Believe it or not, this article points to Not going over the top with automation (….he builds cars…you need some automation right?).  I am an automation software provider, so automation I think is highly valuable but processes are also highly valuable.

If you want to grow a business and you do not have a process mindset, forget about it.


Process Automation.


You can’t grow a business without processes

That said, you also can’t grow a business without the right people. Elon was building his new Model 3 and trying to hit a target of 5,000 units per week. He did the maths and he thinks, “I’ll use this system here, and this robot there, and that robot there. I’ll join it all together and add up all the numbers, and yep, we can do 5,000 a week.”
Which is theoretical, then there’s a glitch between each system joining up or something unexpected happens and the target production falls well short.  

He has a problem, he needs to completely re-engineer his supply chain and results in an Open Letter he sends to his Staff and Suppliers.  What I love about his letter and approach is its open, honest and direct. 

You can’t expect your team to do a fantastic job if you are not fully transparent with them – I spoke of this in the post on motivating staff.  The letter also demonstrates the 5 Why’s technique I spoke of to get to the root cause of a problem and design the solution from there – don’t guess, do the investigation and make decisions from there.

Systems and processes are fast but they’re also dumb and then sometimes not even as fast as humans because if there’s complex stuff to do then the human brain is the most complex computer on the planet and more capable than a robot.  That is what Elon realised, that you cant fully automate your business there is always going to be a human element to consider.

I’m going to repeat something a very successful businessman said to me, “Even the dumbest …” I don’t like saying that because really, I just think everyone has potential, and people are great, so dumbness is a bit derogatory. But, even if that’s how you grade people, and you perceive someone as the dumbest, “the dumbest person, their brain is a billion times better, smarter, more creative and more perceptive than the best computer in the world”.

Humans are highly evolved and very, very intelligent.

If you want to grow your business you :

  • hire the right people,
  • hire them at the right time, 
  • you give them the systems, the tools, and processes, resources
  • the right culture/environment and
  • leadership

These are the things they need to succeed.

The power of your People with processes behind them and an element of job management software automation will give you the foundations for a successful business that will grow.

People trump processes but people with processes trump people without processes. 




Have a great week.  I love you all.  Kick goals and take care.