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Tips to Pacing Yourself to Maintain Motivation in your Mechanical Services business

Hi, I’m Paul from FieldInsight and this is our #TuesdayTalk.

We don’t have an endless supply of energy and when we do find some its hard to distribute across your business as well as your personal life.

It feels like we never can achieve all the things we want in a day that we want….something misses out and sadly sometimes that is personal or family.

Running a business need not be a sacrifice.  There are some simple tips that you can build in to your life that will keep the energy levels up and ensure you can perform at your peak all the timenot just some of the time.


Do you find…..

I have found in the past that I had big bursts for a sustained period of time; months of working around the clock, going up and down sometimes over 18 months on really big projects (I used to work in Telecommunications and Financial Services) and I worked my ass off.

At the end I would be wrecked, anyone working at a frantic sustained pace would be wrecked!

I would deliver the project and it would sort of be satisfying and a euphoric feeling then you’d go do another stint back to back – burn out.

That sort of high intensity and then burst (or bust) cycle is Not Healthy

This approach is also really bad for business.


This is not the way customers want you to deal with them, they don’t want a big burst of activity and then silence….birds chirping (where are you?)…..probably passed out sick at home or on forced leave due to stress.


Seeing the sky through the trees

Business is so much about systems. We have talked a lot recently on how process, systemising your business to gain control and predictability in how your business runs is key to sustained growth to avoid the crash and burn.

Our approach is the three pillars:   Software, Systems and People


There are systems and then repeated, steady, consistent delivery of those systems is where success lies. That requires making sure that you give yourself downtime (the People aspect).

If you need to run at a high level of performance to:

  • keep your team motivated,
  • liaise and support your customers
  • manage vendors/suppliers
  • develop and build partnerships

that’s all uses of energy right? It’s tiring interacting with people.

Some people get invigorated by it, but I find I really have to put myself out there and it takes energy.

Pulling it Together

Make sure you plan your downtime (in advance)

If you don’t have planned downtime, you will burn out. It’s THAT simple.

People can’t run overtime all the time. If they try running overtime all the time what ends up happening is after a certain amount of time they fall into under time or under work.

They just can’t deliver.

  1. They might be physically there but there’s actually no performance coming out of them because they’re destroyed, they’re on empty.
    If you are not a watchful/mindful leader then you will lose them.You need to plan out breaks.
    You can work really, really, really hard and you can drive people really hard, but if you don’t have the downtime planned in and scheduled it’s not sustainable, it’s not sustainable in your business and it won’t contribute to growing consistently or predictably.You need to get the downtime right as much as the uptime.
  2. Work out what your cadence or rhythm is for a year.
    Determine whatever intensity you run at and work out what downtime you need to support that intensity
  3. Block out downtime
    • make sure every two months you get in a long weekend or the team gets a slow week where they can do team activities and catch their breath
  4. If you’ve got big activities in the calendar (big install job, complex service activity), big event you are running or conference then make sure :
    • there is a good week of downtime (less intense activity) so you can fully charge.

Everyone contributes to Success

Like high performance athletes, it’s not about being good as that will start to slip eventually;  it’s about preparing yourself and getting that downtime so you can run at a high level of performance more consistently.

People, software, and process – the People part is just as critical to sustaining a business and team that will be with you for the long run.

You make your business successful through looking after your People.  Look after them, look after yourself (and your family as well) so you can run at the peak performance you need.

Take Action

Find ways to integrate these tips in to your and the team rhythms and see their motivation levels go up.

  • Schedule team downtime (or less active periods/activities)
  • Encourage a culture of taking time away from work (and don’ take work with you!)
  • Map out your next 6 months… Get it in the calendar
    • book the dog in the kennels
    • book that AirBnB

We want to help HVAC, Duct Installation, Mechanical Services, Commercial HVAC instal and service teams succeed, this is more than just the tools or software they use.  Its People and Process.


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