Get paid on time

Tips to Improve Payment Rates in your Mechanical Services business

What do you think is the most important thing you need to be on top of in your Field Service business?

Getting paid for the work you have done – that’s a crunch point, right?

Economic times toughen; they actual go through cycles but at some point they’re going to be tough and you’ve got to keep your business afloat.  How do you make sure you get paid for work?

There are no certainties

You can’t 100% guarantee payment but there’s a few things you can do to improve your chances:

  1. Make sure you’ve got good and reasonable terms and conditions.
    If you’re getting into a fight with a customer then the chances of getting that money lowers dramatically
  2. When you do the job:
    • Make sure you do a good job (obvious but not always the case)
    • Have a consistent quality – all your team delivering to the same procedures and doing it the same way each time.
  3. Send the invoice out to the customer straight away.  No customer wants to get an invocie a week or two after the job.  Opens the door to ‘I cant remember what they did or how long they were here’
    • Sending the invoice straight away takes away the emotion as they can immediately connect and challenge (if necessary) what is being invoiced but likely to accept and make the payment as it readily in hand
  4. Capture the customer’s signature on the Quote and when you create/issue the Invoice.
    Try and wiggle out of an invoice you’ve actually signed!  You’re not going to do it.


Job Management software

All job management and schedule management software solutions should have basic invoicing, digital signature capture that give you the ability to issue an invoice as soon as the job status is changed to complete.

Here are FieldInsight we support various workflows that can give you back hours of admin as well as increase your payment rates by up to 25%.

  • taking a payment directly from the customer in the field (we have a partner integration with eWay)
  • Using job status a trigger for the office to check and validate the invoice and send within 30 mins of job completion
  • Allowing technicians to create, issue and take a payment from the webApp
  • using our follow-up report to ensure all completed jobs have invoices issued end of day – nothing slips to the next day (or further)  

Let us help you get control of this process in your business today.  


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