Tips to Get Past a Bad Day and Move On

Today I want to talk about what happens when you have a bad day.

The thing about following a process is it protects you against bad days. It even protects you against bad weeks, and getting sick. If you fall off the bandwagon and you lose all motivation and you don’t have a process to fall back to then you really are in trouble; you can wipe out weeks and weeks of time, effort and momentum.

But if you have a process, and you can just keep it ticking along you are keeping afloat.

You may not be executing it as you’d like to, you’re not executing it when you’re full of energy, you’re not like feeling great, but if you have a process, where you’ve written down your goals for the week, you can keep coming back to those, and you can chip away at those, and you can make some progress against them.

Your team know what they’re doing because they’ve got their goals. Your two weekly review checkpoint for your sprint, you canreview where you’re at. You can make corrections, and the two weekly review for the sprint is everything.

That’s where you sit back and you look at

  • what happened in the past
  • look at what you’re going to keep doing
  • look at what you’re going to stop doing
  • look at where team members might be lacking in skills or training


That is the opportunity. So pick a process, get a business coach, however you want to do it … read some books like ‘Nail a Process’, make sure you get a two weekly checkpoint. It might be a 90 day process and you break it down into your months, and then your two week sprints. Hold those meetings. See what everyone’s up to, but it protects against those bad days, right?


It’s sort of simple and hard at the same time.

Stick to your process. We’re in Melbourne, Australia, and summer’s coming. We’ve had a long, cold, not wet, dry winter.  A typical winter, let me just say. So everyone’s mildly depressed by the end of winter in Melbourne, but when the sun comes out, everyone’s happy as.


Have a great week, guys, and we’ll talk to you all later.



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