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Tips for How to Sell for Maximum Impact in Your Mechanical Service Install Business

Hi, I’m Paul from FieldInsight and this is our #TuesdayTalk.

NB:  this is a long post, the video runs 9mins 

Today I’m going to have a chat about Sales and Selling. This is not my strong suit at all but it’s something I need to get better at, as I am sure most business owner also need assistance with.

I’ve had some advice from some of the best sales people in the world and been pointed to some great books (I will reference below).

I have a few business coaches helping me; Dan Martell (Canada), Todd Hermann (New York), and Athol (Business Strategies for Tradesmen) Melbourne.  Three very good business coaches that I have collated advice from and I want to share with you.
This is world-class advice from people who do mega sales, and have built up huge businesses.

As per usual, there is a process – just reference any of our recent posts – they all talk of process optimisation to run predictably and consistently.  Following Processes gives you Discipline.

Tips to leverage People and Processes

When things take off but your systems cant keep up

The sales process distilled down to its essence

…..starting with the biggest hurdle – confidence!

Maybe you don’t like selling. If you’re a business person, its your responsibility to sell and close deals, maybe you’re a natural, maybe you’re not, but if you’re in business and you want your business to succeed you need to be able to sell.

The primary failure for business is an inability to sell a product/service. If the demand’s there, and there’s people needing help and you can close the sale, you can deal with the supply and the delivery of the service.

Just quickly, selling can be uncomfortable, and dealing with rejection is not easy. If you’re an introvert like me it can be a very difficult process.

Todd Hermann (business coach) started as an athlete then moved to be a performance coach for Olympic athletes, his process for managing athletes performance he modified to now assist  Entrepreneurs all around the world… he talks about ‘getting outside of your own head and creating an alter ego‘.

The key is to switch in to that alter ego when you’re doing sales.

It seems too simple, and it seems a bit gimmicky like “That couldn’t work.”

This is a technique elite athletes all around the world use, doing this process helps them do things they would struggle with otherwise (find that extra bit of energy or flexibility or speed).

Create that alter ego in your mind, give that alter ego a name (tip – think about someone you admire; a business person, a sports person, a warrior, they don’t have to be alive); someone you can be when you’re doing that sales process.

That ego represents the very best of you, becoming that outgoing and confident sales person. 

FYI; there’s a lot more to it – enough for Todd to write a book on it.

5 Step Sales Process

It’s a good way to snap into a different mindset when you’ve got to do sales calls/follow-ups, that we all have to do. We have to close quotes, we have to close big deals, we have to build partnerships.

We’re all selling. You sort of don’t realize it, but Selling is part of your day – you’re always trying to convince someone to do something; ie in your family, whether it’s your son to do his homework, or some other part of your relationship or in the office – you’re always selling.

A recommended book ‘Sell or be Sold’ by Grant Cardone which just clicked for me and I must say very timely so currently is the best Sales book I have even read – Brilliant.

It breaks down the process into five steps. Grant has sold $80 million dollar deals. He knows his stuff, and this book was recommended by the most amazing business coach I’ve got, Dan Martell, who focuses on business coaching SaaS software companies.

Grant Cardone’s process has five parts : G, D, S, M, C.

  1. The first is Greet the customer, be honest, have integrityGreet the customer, be warm, be genuine. No one is going to connect with someone who they don’t trust. We’re all a small business. The people we work with have integrity, so that greet should be genuine.
  2. When you’re talking to the customer, understand their needs and wants, find out what they want. That’s Determine their needs.
  3. Select from your catalog of services and products that meets their wants and needs, and deliver to those.Don’t go beyond those demonstrating or talking about stuff which doesnt meet their needs and wants. That’s an off trigger for them.
  4. I don’t naturally do this. Make the proposition – ,put forward an offer, price, a timeframe etc.
  5. The last step is Close, and that’s the hardest, a follow up and not harassing at all.A timely follow up, not bombarding, genuine follow up, like you’re doing this to help them get an outcome, deliver a solution in store, a HVAC solution, monitoring water detection, do temperature control, duct installation, whatever the solution is, you need to follow up.
    You want the best for that customer, right? You need to follow up, and it’s your obligation to follow up.

Extreme Follow-up for Commercial Mechanical Install & Service teams

Here at FieldInsight, we have this beautiful live report called the Follow Up Report, this report can be used for various purposes but think of it as an aid to running the Process of Extreme Follow Up.The report changes color as things get older, so you want to be timely in your follow up, and you want to follow up until the customer says, “We’re going to go ahead or No thank you”

If you just let that lie, and you don’t follow up and you lose that sale, you don’t know where that would have gone.

You need to be present, you need to come back, you need to be genuine with the customer, you need to be adding value, continuing to add value to that customer in each one of those interactions, don’t drop the ball, just keep in there.

Keep asking for the sale. It’s a step a lot of people miss – is the ask to close the deal.

Anyway, that’s the process for Selling.  My learnings around sales is going to help me propel my business forward and continue to provide valuable product and services to our customers.

Sales is life, so if you don’t like it and you’re not comfortable with it, if you can afford to buy someone or pay someone to do it then well and good, but small businesses building $10, $20 million businesses need a focus on Sales. That’s just the essence of being a business owner.

Good luck, have a great week, and any questions, please pop me a reply or give me a call.

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Book reference:  Sell or be Sold, Grant Cardone