The Benefits of SEO for Your Plumbing Business

Search engine optimization. Until now, you probably thought that was a term only marketing companies used. But every business can benefit from improved search engine rankings. By learning to understand how to increase your visibility on search engines, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your website, which is a benefit for any plumbing business. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your plumbing business website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of using techniques that boost your plumbing business’s ranking in search results. Studies have shown most web searchers never look past the first page or two of search results, which means if you aren’t showing up on page one, you probably aren’t being seen.

While popular search engines like Google keep their ranking algorithms top secret, through experimentation, many marketing experts have narrowed down certain behaviors that cause one site to rank higher than others. One of these techniques is repeating keywords a certain percentage of times in order to help it rank higher.

Maximizing Keywords

For instance, if your plumbing business is located in Spokane, Washington and you want to make a better appearance in rankings, you could include the keywords “Spokane plumbing companies” or “best plumbers in Spokane.” You would then repeat them within your text to show a high occurrence of those words when someone searches for them.

There is a limit, however. If you simply typed those keywords with a bunch of nonsense mixed in, you’d trip the search engines and reduce your effectiveness. There are formulas that have been worked out by professionals, but to have your plumbing business rank high, you’d want to stick with just enough keywords to boost your rankings- usually ten to fifteen percent.

Don’t Water Down the Content

While it might be tempting to place content on your site just to get rankings, the truth is, your site needs to be interesting. What good does it do for your plumbing company to show up at the top if customers immediately click away once they find your site? By providing relevant, interesting, useful content, you can both make use of SEO and keep visitors reading your entertaining copy.

Consider other keywords that might be searched on search engines. Variations of plumbing companies, plumbing businesses, and best plumbers in a certain area are great ideas, but also get specific. Often potential customers will be searching for advice on problems. Think of questions that might be searched, such as, “Why does my toilet keep running?” and give tips and suggestions once they get there. If they like what they read, they will utilize your plumbing services, especially if you offer special deals to anyone who mentions your website when calling for an appointment.

Great marketing doesn’t require hiring a professional marketing company. By using a few simple SEO tips, your plumbing business will be able to place your website high up in search results, where everyone can easily find it.