Simplify Scheduling nightmares using a Custom Job Series for Pest Control

Do you find managing a custom job series complex for your pest or weed control job types;

  • managing multiple visits to the same property
  • the types and sequence of chemicals that need to be used
  • managing visits across varying days, weeks, months or years
  • ensuring relevant checks are completed/documented for certain visits
  • a long cooling off period where you need to ensure there is an all-clear (it hasn’t come back)
  • reporting outcomes to the Customer (or authorities)

Each country has its unique list of noxious weeds and types of pests (everyone has rats, cockroaches, ants) but have varying laws and allowable treatment plans.  There may also be enforcement restrictions on the use of land (or buildings) until the all clear is given.

Why are these treatment series so hard to Manage?

Managing the series of jobs can be a scheduling nightmare.  It might involve manually counting out the job dates and scheduling individual jobs, it could be confusing for the customer because you forgot to tell them you were coming this week/month, not able to keep good records on number of visits and what occurred in each visit (or where you are up to in the sequence) and lastly trying to reconcile the number of visits to get invoicing completed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the jobs automatically populated on the correct day and let you know when a job is coming up so you can prepare for it?

What would that mean for your business to…

  • Be able to have those jobs linked
  • Get an invoice out at the relevant intervals
  • Schedule the full series with a few clicks
  • Set-up automated reminders to Schedulers & Technicians about the job so changes can be made if necessary
  • Individually handle each job (Technician allocation etc)
  • Let the customer know when the next planned visit is and what they need to do to prepare
  • Have all the jobs collated under one series
  • Automatically prepare and issue a full job report once finished

How we can help

Here at FieldInsight we have a custom job series that can be created and then applied that will pre-fill the future dated jobs on the correct dates, set automatic reminders to advise Schedulers and Technicians to know what they need in the van for that job and notify the customer the day before that they will be attending.

We have saved thousands of hours for Pest Control businesses who use our software, removed the headaches of managing a custom job series which means they are more efficient in handling complex jobs when they arise, complete reporting quickly and set mandatory checks by the Technician and consolidate this is to the one invoice.

Here is a sneak peak


Want to see it?

If you want to see how our Custom Job Series can help your business then we would love to show you – just request a demo here

PS:  Its not just Pest Control businesses that can benefit from a Custom Job Series…..if you are interested in how it might apply to your industry then give us a bell on our contact me page.