FieldInsight Product Update

FieldInsight feature release notes can be accessed in date order (most recent at the top).

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May 2020

New sales email editor

We have updated the email editor for sending Quote and Invoices so you can edit the text as you type to include headings, weblinks, bold and italic text. You can also add files, such as product brochures and flyers in your sales emails. Files will be added as download links. for more info have a look at these articles:

How to create and send quotes
How to send invoices to customers

Set your Project profit margin

If you’re using Project management, you can now set your Profit margin in settings to indicate when the KPI budget column goes red. To learn more about costing project see Managing costs for projects

Customise the timesheet report

There’s a new option in Settings to customise which columns you see in the Weekly and Daily Timesheet Report, to change this open Settings – System fields and uncheck the columns you want hide.

There’s also a new fortnightly option in the weekly timesheet report

April 2020

Set special rates for account customers

Need to apply Special Rates at a customer level for Quoting or Invoicing? You can now set Rates for Inventory items at the Account customer level that will apply for that customer on all Document Types and when adding items to jobs. Learn more

Our Notification Centre

We have added a Notification Centre to the main navigation bar that let’s a signed in user (Scheduler/Admin) know there is something new to have a look at.  We know it can be hard to get through emails so this is a way we can communicate with you within the software.

See at a glance recent feature notifications

March 2020

QR codes

Save time identifying assets in the field using QR code labels. With QR code labels on your assets you can simply scan the asset – using the camera on a smartphone, to open it in FieldInsight ready for testing. It’s easy to get started, just follow the steps below:

  1. Print your QR codes
  2. Add the QR code labels to your assets in the field
  3. Scan a QR code to open and test the asset

Add job on mobile

Schedulers and technicians can now add new jobs on mobile. Enable this for a technician in Settings – Staff.  Learn more

To-Dos the scheduler’s new task list

Schedulers might have noticed a new link in the main navigation for To-Dos. This is a new task list designed to help schedulers creating a task list with small task that do not require a job. The tasks can be arranged in lists and marked as completed when done. They can also be assigned to a scheduler.

Project Variation

You can now create a project variation to compare different scenarios for a project. The variation works the same as a new project, except that it is linked to the original project and can be compared to the original project on the variations tab. The variation also have a variation number. Learn more about project variations

February 2020

Add terms and conditions to Quotes, Invoices and Reports

Our PDF templates have been updated with an additional Terms and Conditions section. Add your terms and conditions in Settings templates. The terms needs to be added as an image file and will appear on a new page. Learn more: How to create templates

Multi-Photo upload – Mobile App

We have improved the Mobile App to allow multi-file uploading to help save time.  Simply take all the photo’s using your preferred mobile device and from the library select multiple items to upload.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU WAIT until all have been uploaded before navigating of that screen.  You can also select multiple files from the Scheduler view as well.

Quote Reminder Messages

We have expanded our Reminder messaging functionality to support a Quote and Invoice followup workflow. The messages are triggered by quote/Invoice status and time and can be sent to schedulers to remind them to follow up or to the customer. Review the Help document below.

Daily Timesheets and approval flow

We have been working hard on the Smart Timesheets feature and introduced a new setting to select daily or weekly submission for timesheets and an approval flow where schedulers can approve or decline timesheets after they have been submitted. There’s no change to the existing timesheets functionality, but if scheduler’s click approve on a timesheet the technician will no longer be able to edit or add timesheets to the approved timesheet period.

January 2020

Asset types

If you manage several different types of assets you can now sort them by type and assign tests to asset types.

Asset tests: Add a grid with colour coded answers

We’ve introduced a new type of Asset test question where you can add a grid with colour coded answers.

New asset test status

Add statuses to your asset test to simplify your workflow. Have technician set a status in the field so your schedulers know what to look out for. Edit your statuses from Asset settings in the top right hand corner on the asset test page.

Asset test history

We’ve added a new tab for Asset test history on the asset page where you can quickly see the tests for the asses. Open the asset and scroll down to see the new tab. Click on the test to open it.

December 2019

Organise your safety documents by type

Get organised and add type to your safety documents. The documents can be searched in the office and in the field by type

Add files to SWMS and other safety documents

Users can now add reference documents, such as regulations and procedures for the technicians to view in the field. The customer copy will have a link to the documents.

Option to email Safety documents

Send your safety documents from the app. Simply click email next to the document that you want to send to email it as a PDF attachment to your customer

To find out more on how to use the SWMS feature have a look at:

SWMS and Safety documents are part of SafetyINSIGHT package. Check out the pricing page for more info

November 2019


Bundle inventory items into kits or packages that are easy to add to quotes and invoices. Start by build your package in Inventory – Packages. Then add the package to a quote or invoice by selecting package from the add item list.  Packages can also be added in the field when creating invoices on mobile.

Add packages to a quote or invoice using the + item link. Create a job from the quote to add all the items to a job.

Add packages on mobile in the Inventory section on a quote or invoice using the + item link

For more information on using the Packages feature click here

Request Leave

We’ve added a new feature as part of our smart timesheets solution where technicians can request leave. The leave requests can then be reviewed and approved or declined by a scheduler in the office. When leave request is approved, the leave it is added to timesheets. If you are using smart timesheets, RDO will be calculated for Sick leave and Other leave.


For more information on using the leave request feature see:  Managing leave requests

Complete an Asset test from the Office

Schedulers can now start and complete Asset test from the Office.

Help article:  Complete an asset test from the office

Want to know more about Asset testing? Have a look at Getting started with Asset management or contact us on the chat or email

October 2019

Hide the discount on PDF quotes and invoices

New setting to hide the discount from your PDF invoices and quotes.

Learn more: Customise your Quote template 

Ongoing jobs

You can now schedule ongoing jobs that share job detail over several days. Technicians can be allocated individually for each visit but job status and items are the same. You can keep adding items to the same list, but not have separate items on the job visits. The ongoing jobs have the same job number. Learn more about ongoing jobs

Set a default job status for jobs added from web portal form

You can now set a default job status for jobs added from the web portal form. This will make it easier to find the web enquiries to follow up on. Click here for more information on how to use the web portal form

Adjust the markup on your quotes

Quickly adjust the markup on your quotes. Click in the Quote markup field to adjust the markup and click enter to save. The sales price is automatically adjusted using the selected markup for all items on your quote. For more information see the help article for Creating quotes

Workflow guide

Get everyone on the same page with the workflow guide, quickly access the workflow guide from the main menu

Have a look at this article to find out more about how to use the workflow guide

September 2019

SWMS all signatures can now be captured on one device

Technicians can now capture SWMS signatures for all technician on the job. All technicians will have access to this features.

Note:  SWMS is only available on our Professional-INSIGHT plan, for customers on older plans please request more information and plan pricing from the Customer Success team.

August 2019

Merge site customers

If you have duplicate site customers in FieldInsight you can now merge these and move all jobs, notes, attachment, assets, quotes, invoices and reports to the merged customer. Merging customers is easy, just open the customer you want to merge to and click on the merge customer button, select the customer to move details from and click merge.

Learn more about merging customers:

New setting to clear or keep the answer for custom fields when splitting a job

We’ve got a new setting on job custom fields to clear the answer when you split a job. So if you have a custom field that your workers only need to answer once for a site, you might want to check this box to keep the answer for the second job visit (split job). But if you want your workers to answer this question on every visit, you can leave this unchecked so your workers have to complete this filed for every visit.
IMPORTANT: All current custom fields that you have will not be affected by this change, but if you create a new custom field this field will be unchecked by default and you’ll have to check Keep the answer for this field when splitting a job to keep the current behaviour to not clear the field.
The steps to change and existing custom field to be cleared are:
2. Click Edit filed under the custom field that you want to change
3. Uncheck Keep the answer for this field when splitting a job
To learn more about custom fields have a look at:

SWMS improvement

We’ve made some improvements to the new Safety feature, where your workers can sign SWMS and JSAs in the field. 

  • Search for signed SWMS documents
  • Add image to SWMS document
  • Improvements to the signed SWMS document layout 
  • Use of placeholders to add job, customer and site info to your SWMS documents

Date sent showing in the overview page for quotes and invoices

You can now see the date when you sent a document under the sent check mark for Quotes, Invoice, Reports and Purchase orders.

FieldInsight SmartTimesheets

Finally, we have simplified our Timesheeting to save you hours of follow-up and reconciliation.  Have a look:

New Smart Timesheets – available via Plan upgrade

If you want to review this for your subscription, please request a call back;

NB:  for customers on older plans a plan change/cost applies.

Keep track of your SWMS

Help doc:

With our new SWMS feature you can create SWMS documents, add them to jobs, check that your technicians sign them in real time, send and download PDFs for your customers.

The daily SWMS report gives you a snapshot for the day who’s signed their SWMS. When you add a SWMS to a job all technicians on that job will be asked to sign. The scheduler can see the signature status in real time in the Safety report. All signed SWMS for a job are also available on the job in the new safety tab on the job page.

Note:  The SWMS feature set is available to users on our ProfessionalINSIGHT plan.  If you are an existing customer interesting to access this feature, please Request a Call Back to book in a configuration session and get started.  A price change may apply depending on what plan you are currently on but should not exceed more than $10 per user more than you are paying now.

Allocate your technicians for the day with the click of a button 

Help Doc:

For our larger Commercial and Construction customers managing large labour force to the same site over multiple days; you can now allocate all your project jobs with a click of a button.  This feature can save valuable minutes in not have to manually select the same technicians from today on to tomorrow’s jobs.

The auto allocate button is located under the date and will give you the option to select a day to auto allocate from. All jobs are created as split jobs on the same project at the same time, same technicians, same notes and custom fields.

Option to add additional job details on invoices

Help doc:

We now have three additional options for job details to add to invoices; 

  • Show tech notes
  • Show job notes
  • Show job total

The notes and the total will appear above the inventory for the job. If you have more than one job on an invoice the notes and the total for the job will display for each job

Ongoing job and improvements to the Split job feature

Action required: Yes, if you use the split job feature you’re going to love this

You will no longer be asked to move, copy or ignore items when splitting a job, instead we have made it easier for you by adding two types of split job: Split Ongoing and Split Callback. The 

Split Callback is a job where the customer calls and asks you to come back and do more work, job details are not shared Split Ongoing is one job that continues over more than one day, Job details are shared, except for Quotes, Invoices Reports and purchase orders.

Search job by scheduler

Help doc:

We’ve added a new search filter for the advanced job search to search jobs by scheduler. To search job by scheduler, click on jobs and select all in the dropdown. Click on Advanced search to show the advanced search filters and select a scheduler in the dropdown.

July 2019

Split quote to several invoices

When you quote for projects you might want to invoice in several instalments as the project moves along.  You can now quickly split a quote into several invoices to manage milestones.

Advanced job search filter by scheduler

Help doc:

We have added a new search filter to the advanced job search to filter by scheduler. To use this click on Jobs – all in the main navigation. Click advanced search to view the advanced search filters. Select a scheduler in the scheduled by dropdown to filter the job list.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.23.48 pm.png

Asset test spreadsheet integration

Help doc:

For more advanced asset tests using calculations and charts you can now integrate your own asset tests to google spreadsheets. This will significantly reduce double data entry and keep track of your tests. You can automatically add all Asset information, customer information, job details and questions from the Asset test.

You will need to have a Google account, Technicians will need access to google sheets that which works best on laptops or iPad, but can also be used on smartphones. The google sheets app (free) is needed for all mobile devices as google sheets cannot be opened in browsers on tablets and mobiles. The integration works with Google suite for business and free google apps accounts.

The spreadsheet integration is available to users on our ProfessionalINSIGHT plan, and an initial google drive authorisation setup is required. Contact us to book in a configuration session and get started.

Triggered messages Cc field to add recipients

Help doc:

You can now add a second recipient to your triggered emails, for example you might want to trigger an email to generate and send an invoice to a customer on job status change and have the same email Cc:d to your scheduler. 

Available now on all plans, if you are already using triggered messages, just go to your settings and click on the template to add a second recipient.

Add timesheet for the whole team with one click

Your schedulers can now add timesheets entries for the entire team with one click, using the new Add timesheet for team button. This will add a timesheet entry using the job start and end time for every technician on the job. 

The basic timesheet  feature is available on all plans.

We also have Smart Timesheets available on the ProfessionalINSIGHT plan.  Request a Call Back to learn more about Smart Timesheets and how it can simplify your workflow by automatically adding overtime and penalty rates, sending reminders to techs to compete their timesheets and download weekly timesheet reports.

Improvements to the photo upload in mobile app

Improvements to the photo upload feature in the Mobile App.

Photos should now keep uploading in the background if you click another link on the page, or click add photo again to take another photo. The speed of the upload depends on the Internet connection.

Payment Tracking for Invoices

We have moved the Payments (against invoices) report from the Reports menu to be located under Sales < Invoices.  A new tab called ‘Payments’.

To reveal the following summary.

June 2019

Create Asset Tests and send Asset Reports

Create and send test reports from the Scheduler or Mobile App. The template can be edited and customised to suit your business.

This feature is only available on our Premium priced plan.  If you want to have this configured/set-up for your Account please request a call back.

Resource forecast report

We have completed work on the Forecast utilisation report and it has been released. You can access the report by clicking on Reports – Timesheets and selecting the forecast tab.  

The report shows the hours that have been scheduled for each technician by month and the total for the quarter. Same for the actual hours, which are the hours added to the timesheet.  The report also shows the percentage of utilisation both for the scheduled hours and for the actual hours.

Account customer instant message

You can now add a template to send instant messages to your account customers as well as the site contact.  To customise this template 

  1. open Settings – Email & SMS
  2. click on the instant email tab
  3. customise the Account customer message using placeholders to insert job details in the message
  4. to send an instant message click on messages when scheduling a job. check the messages that you want to send. You can customise the message further on the job by clicking edit.

May 2019

Amount added to the quote and Invoices sent

You can now see the amount for quotes sent in the customer activity.

April 2019

Make technicians required for a job status

This is useful when you have triggered SMS for as status so you don’t forget to add techs.

18 March 2019

Asset Tests & Reports

We have enabled an advanced feature on our ProfessionalINSIGHT  plan to manage an end to end Asset Testing workflow.  This feature allows a simple way to manage Scheduling, Asset Assignment, Test Result capture in the Mobile App through to issuing an Asset Test report.

This process streamlines a very manual (often paper based) in to a series of tasks for businesses that manage asset testing at customer sites.  Hours of administration overhead can be removed freeing your technicians and staff up.  This features ties nicely in to our Service/Maintenance renewal workflow which means everything is in one place to manage Asset test contracts without breaking a sweat!

Note:  If you are an existing customer of FieldInsight and want to see this feature and consider upgrading your plan, please click here.

Customer Renewal Reminder feature

This feature was introduced for customers that schedule maintenance jobs 6 or 12 months in advance and provides the opportunity to send the ‘Customer Reminder’ when the job is booked and set the ‘Customer Renewal Reminder’ in advance (set and forget).

15 February 2019

Placement Job Management

We have enabled Placement fields that now allow Businesses that have a Placement arm to also be scheduled and manage.

This solution can support businesses that are both Pumping and Placement or we can create a workflow that is Placement only.  If you want to see this in action please request a demo at

10 February 2019

Signature agreement text

You can now display text/link under the signature field so the person signing can see the signature agreement (ie link to your Terms & Conditions). This field is optional and you can leave all your signatures as they are but also handy if you want to increase customer acknowledgement at job completion.

If you would like to add an agreement text under your signatures you can do this in settings > custom fields by clicking on Edit agreement text on the signature custom field. Please note that this feature is only for custom field signatures, not for the general job signature. For further information see

Signature Agreement, FieldInsight mobile app

Other Items:

  • Supplier drop down will display entries in Alphabetically order
  • Added ‘Post Code’ to Advanced Job search criteria
  • Added email to display in the the Yellow Job hover box

19 December 2018

Our last feature release for 2018.

Add Photo’s to Generated Document Types (Quote, Invoice, Reports)

We have added the ability to attach photos/images to all document types (Invoice, Quote, Report etc).  Please refer to the Help document for how to enable and set this up on any of your document templates.

QuotientApp (Quoting workflow) Integration

We have enabled an integration to QuotientApp, this is a 3rd party subscription (not covered by FieldInsight) but it allows you to do fancy quotes.

It will manage the quote creation and issuing (via email) and also approval (capture digital quote approval).  Once a quote is approved it will come across to FieldInsight as an Approved Quote that you can then use to schedule/manage a project (or job) and then manage an invoicing workflow off the approved items in the Quote.

Please refer to our Help document.

Waze map integration

We now offer Waze maps (this is an alternative to Google Maps), we now support both.

Please refer help document as you will need to download the free Waze App (on any mobile device you use FieldInsight on).

Help document


  • We have enabled drag and drop of a image file on to the job
  • If you use our Invoicing, we have created a new tab ‘Overdue’ where any invoice that has not been marked as fully paid will automatically move in to the tab once the due date has passed.  This makes tracking overdue invoices easier.
  • We have added the ability to include the customer email address in the Yellow Hover box.
  • We have added asterisk’s to field that you mark as mandatory so they cant be missed.
  • We have allowed the ability to set Tech Notes as mandatory on job status change.

16 December 2018

A small feature release, the following enhancements are now available.

Note:  Please ensure any actions required to access the features are communicated to relevant staff (Schedulers or Technicians using the Mobile App).

New Custom Field type – Checkbox

We have now included a custom field type of ‘Checkbox’.  This allows for a single selection to convey an action taken by Scheduler or Technician.

  1.  You can create a new custom field in Settings < Custom Fields.
    Add the field to either Job, Customer, Account Customer, Supplier or Technician group

2. The field will then display where you have added it.

Simplified the Add Inventory items in the Mobile App

We understand navigating away from the main job page adds complexity and time and opens up forgetting what you were doing and why.  We have now made it easy to Add an Inventory item (Product or Service) directly from the job page.

Important:  A page refresh is required to update the caching of the browser to the Inventory API.  Please ensure all the technicians refresh the page if they experience any issues accessing the Inventory list from the main job page.

You can now Add a Product or Service item from the Main Job Page without having to Open the Inventory page:

1:  Expand the Product/Service section on the Job Page

– new Green Add Product & Add Service boxes

2:  Select Product/Service Item and enter the Quantity then click Add