FieldInsight Product Update

FieldInsight feature release notes can be accessed in date order (most recent at the top).

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18 March 2019

Customer Renewal Reminder feature

This feature was introduced for customers that schedule maintenance jobs 6 or 12 months in advance and provides the opportunity to send the ‘Customer Reminder’ when the job is booked and set the ‘Customer Renewal Reminder’ in advance (set and forget).


15 February 2019

Placement Job Management

We have enabled Placement fields that now allow Businesses that have a Placement arm to also be scheduled and manage.

This solution can support businesses that are both Pumping and Placement or we can create a workflow that is Placement only.  If you want to see this in action please request a demo at

10 February 2019

Signature agreement text

You can now display text/link under the signature field so the person signing can see the signature agreement (ie link to your Terms & Conditions). This field is optional and you can leave all your signatures as they are but also handy if you want to increase customer acknowledgement at job completion.

If you would like to add an agreement text under your signatures you can do this in settings > custom fields by clicking on Edit agreement text on the signature custom field. Please note that this feature is only for custom field signatures, not for the general job signature. For further information see

Signature Agreement, FieldInsight mobile app

Other Items:

  • Supplier drop down will display entries in Alphabetically order
  • Added ‘Post Code’ to Advanced Job search criteria
  • Added email to display in the the Yellow Job hover box


19 December 2018

Our last feature release for 2018.

Add Photo’s to Generated Document Types (Quote, Invoice, Reports)

We have added the ability to attach photos/images to all document types (Invoice, Quote, Report etc).  Please refer to the Help document for how to enable and set this up on any of your document templates.

QuotientApp (Quoting worflow) Integration

We have enabled an integration to QuotientApp, this is a 3rd party subscription (not covered by FieldInsight) but it allows you to do fancy quotes.

It will manage the quote creation and issuing (via email) and also approval (capture digital quote approval).  Once a quote is approved it will come across to FieldInsight as an Approved Quote that you can then use to schedule/manage a project (or job) and then manage an invoicing workflow off the approved items in the Quote.

Please refer to our Help document.

Waze map integration

We now offer Waze maps (this is an alternative to Google Maps), we now support both.

Please refer help document as you will need to download the free Waze App (on any mobile device you use FieldInsight on).

Help document



  • We have enabled drag and drop of a image file on to the job
  • If you use our Invoicing, we have created a new tab ‘Overdue’ where any invoice that has not been marked as fully paid will automatically move in to the tab once the due date has passed.  This makes tracking overdue invoices easier.
  • We have added the ability to include the customer email address in the Yellow Hover box.
  • We have added asterisk’s to field that you mark as mandatory so they cant be missed.
  • We have allowed the ability to set Tech Notes as mandatory on job status change.


16 December 2018

A small feature release, the following enhancements are now available.

Note:  Please ensure any actions required to access the features are communicated to relevant staff (Schedulers or Technicians using the Mobile App).

New Custom Field type – Checkbox

We have now included a custom field type of ‘Checkbox’.  This allows for a single selection to convey an action taken by Scheduler or Technician.

  1.  You can create a new custom field in Settings < Custom Fields.
    Add the field to either Job, Customer, Account Customer, Supplier or Technician group


2. The field will then display where you have added it.

Simplified the Add Inventory items in the Mobile App

We understand navigating away from the main job page adds complexity and time and opens up forgetting what you were doing and why.  We have now made it easy to Add an Inventory item (Product or Service) directly from the job page.

Important:  A page refresh is required to update the caching of the browser to the Inventory API.  Please ensure all the technicians refresh the page if they experience any issues accessing the Inventory list from the main job page.

You can now Add a Product or Service item from the Main Job Page without having to Open the Inventory page:

1:  Expand the Product/Service section on the Job Page

– new Green Add Product & Add Service boxes

2:  Select Product/Service Item and enter the Quantity then click Add