Poor looking Quotes preventing you from winning lucrative jobs?

How much does presentation have an effect on your ability to close a sale?

HINT:  It has a HUGE effect on your opportunity to close a sale

Do you stand out from the Rest?

Humans make decisions based on emotion, not solely based on fact. So you can be the best ‘at anything’ but if someone’s got a better marketing message than you or presenting themselves better then they are going to kick your booty.

What you bring to the table is how you market and present information to your customers – that is where you can make a difference.

Who likes to WIN?  Don’t we go in to Business to Win?  Let’s face it, we all have competitive natures and want to beat our competitors – winning that lucrative piece of work is everything!


Price, Service or Quality are not your only weapons to pull from the pocket!

When you present your Quotes it’s nice if the look different, engender thoughts of ‘wow, they have really gone above and beyond’ or ‘I can clearly see what they are quoting to do’.

Looking at plain text Quotes does the exact opposite for a customer!

Our top tips:

  • Simple layout that is well designed and functional 
  • Present factual information in simple terms
  • Include prices and taxes clearly
  • If your are discounting items, make that clear (everyone likes to know they are getting something special)
  • Get your quote to the customer ASAP (on the spot if you can)
  • Ensure they have pictures (not just your logo) – for example:
    • ie a before picture of the item/s,
    • the unit to be installed (stock photo if you have to)

Here at FieldInsight we’ve enhanced our Quote template to allow you to have:

  • multiple / different templates (Install, Service, Maintenance etc) all with pictures,
  • ability to use different colors to highlight specific fields
  • you can insert tables to organise fields/data better (make it easy to read)
  • Issue the quote directly to the customer to lock in the Sale while it is fresh….a quote sent a week later has no emotion (they wont remember you above the other 2 companies they are dealing with)
  • pretty stuff to help you present your Quote as best you can to the customer. 

Stand Apart from the Others

The decision making for the human brain is all based on the heart, and purchasing decisions are not based on logic. You may think they are and you may think you’re logical but in reality you make emotional decisions.

They did a study where a person had an injury in a part of their brain which was the emotional part of the brain (allows people’s emotions to function which in turn drives their behaviour); they found these people couldn’t make a decision between two products which were similar. They just could not make a decision.

It is that emotional part of us which is the buying decision – that has the power. You can research this for yourself, there is a lot of material on the impacts & different ways of marketing; how to get people to buy stuff.

Where you can stand out is when you are in front of a customer – how you present Quotes, Invoices or other documents – Presentation is a key element that can trigger an emotion response to lead towards the acceptance to proceed.

Quality: take the Time to make it Look Good

Of our customers who do really well, we can attribute this to an investment in the presentation of their Quotes to customers – it makes a big difference.

Obviously timeliness is a part of that customer experience and follow-up – do you know what Quotes are outstanding and needing follow-up?

Getting a quote out to a customer really quickly is important, following up in a timely manner is a MUST (customers are busy, they need gentle pushes) BUT presentation is key.

Present well and be timely in your response : you will kick butt 


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