Pest Control Job Scheduling

In the pest control industry, much of staffs’ daily routine involves routine maintenance on existing accounts. While some of your work will be one-time visits to businesses or residents with immediate, one-time needs, most of your customers will want to set up monthly or at least quarterly visits from your staff. This requires a special kind of software designed to track recurring appointments.

Recurring Appointments

Our pest control job scheduling software will give you choices when it comes to scheduling recurring appointments for the same customer. Depending on your company’s preference, as well as your customers’, you can set up your appointments months in advance, locking your preferred customers into place so they have first choice.

But some pest control companies may choose to set up a reminder system. On a pre-scheduled, intermittent basis, you can be prompted to contact your recurring customers, whether by phone or reminder postcard. Your customer can then choose to contact you to set up an appointment at their convenience.

Some companies choose to do a combination of the above, honoring each customer’s personal preference.

Multiple Appointments

Some larger jobs will require more than one visit by your pest control professionals. If you have large corporate accounts or even individual customers with pesky termite problems, your regular visit can easily turn into two or three visits spread over the course of a week or two. Our pest control job scheduling allows you to break these appointments up while still retaining the cost and work information from your other visits.

One-Time Appointments

Whether you’re scheduling your first appointment with a new customer or you have a customer that prefers one-at-a-time appointments, our pest control job scheduling software makes one-time appointments a breeze. Because our software interacts with your contacts list, you’ll have easy access to a customer’s information the second time he or she calls for an appointment, making the process easier and impressing your customer that he or she is an important part of your customer base.

Employee Access

Our software will not only work on the PCs in your office, but your employees will be able to access it on the road. Using a smart phone or other mobile device, your employees can pull up their schedules and even edit them while en route. This will help you to keep up with your employees’ whereabouts while saving your employees time-consuming trips back to the office between jobs.

Manage Multiple Locations

Some of your business customers may have multiple locations, all of which contract with your company for pest control services. Each location likely has its own contacts and personal preferences. It can be difficult to keep up with the differences between each location.

Our pest control software allows you to keep track of companies with multiple locations and contacts, adding in notes that will let you know about that location’s specific requirements. This information can be shared among all your employees, letting you send other employees to back up the regular staff member who treats that location if they can’t make it that day.

Your pest control company has individual needs, and our pest control job scheduling can meet your requirements and even exceed them. We have the solution for your pest control business, allowing you to manage your customers more easily and maximize your profits.