New Smart Timesheets – available via Plan upgrade

Hi again (1 August 2019)

Our Smart Timesheeting feature set is now available on our Professional-INSIGHT plan.  Have a sneak peek below.



Note:  This feature is only available on our Premium ‘Professional-INSIGHT’ Plan.  If you are an existing customer and would like to access this feature please contact the Customer Success team here to request a call back for options to enable on your account.




Hi I’m Paul,

Timesheets can be a pain in the bum for Service & Install in Commercial HVAC.

To try and simplify this we have been working hard on what we think is a pretty amazing timesheet feature.


To do 90% of your guys timesheets automatically.


Do you find the team in the field are bloody awesome at the technical stuff but when it comes to paperwork things get forgotten.  Have you ever heard?

  • I did it but
    • “I left them at home” or”The dog ate them,.”
  • Forgot to do it on the job and now cant remember how long i was there.
  • Forgot to add in overtime or lunch.
  • Forget to deduct their RDO.

And oh and the costs from the above headaches

  • wasted time with phone calls endless stream of SMS messages.
  • Whole timesheet approval flow takes forever.
  • Emails, chasing chasing, can easily be 20 hours a week.
  • Mistakes in the timesheet which never get fixed.
  • Grumpy people if it’s not right, even though they were late.

Imagine 90% of timesheets are done Automatically

The New Normal

Timesheet Calculations and Process for:

  • Lunch automatically deducted
  • Overtime 1.5 x  or 1.5 and 2 x  automatically calculated
  • Simple Submit and Review flow

It creates one beautiful seamless system.

A timesheet system that builds your tech’s timesheet’s automatically.


I’m going to do a 1 minute demonstration of it now.




  1. Gets an SMS the evening before so he knows what tomorrows job card is.
  2. Rocks up to the job. Clicks Start day (gets prompted to take a Pre job photo) Takes his photo and starts his job. (.. Smart Timesheet starts his timesheet) Timer ticking
  3. Gets to the end of the day, clicks (Finish) (Smart Timesheet finishes his timesheet.)
  4. He may get a little prompt to take a Post Job photo and update his tech notes.
  5. Goes to next job, then next and finally does his last job for the day.
  6. Smart Timesheets is busy in the background calculating the Over Time, and Lunch.

Then end of the week, automatic SMS reminder – Hey boys, timesheet required, don’t forget. (would be complete to be able to update this message in settings.)

Boys click on their SMS -> Opens up their timesheets 90% done for them, they review, tweak if they need to, add Sick leave or other leave if they need to.


Scheduler logs onto timesheets, sees a beautiful week view of their submitted timesheets, can give their guy a little nudge to do this.

Click Approve, download a nicely formatted list of timesheets.


As a bonus


Team Lead/Foreman does his whole team. That didn’t sound right.


The NEW SMART TIMESHEETS that do 90% of the heavy lifting for you is is part of our Premium FieldInsight product.



If this looks like it might be good for your business. Leave me a Message on Facebook, and I’ll reply and we can see if I can help your business save some time with timesheets, or email me at


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