Never Miss Renewing a Maintenance Contract Again

Hi, I’m Paul from FieldInsight.  We want to solve problems for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Field Service businesses.  Here is a peak at some features we have that you may want in your business today.

Expiring Maintenance Series

A problem we come across when talking to customers is managing expiring maintenance series. This can cost businesses thousands of dollars in a month and even more over a year.

Being able to see when a maintenance contract is about to expire can lock in revenue that would normally be missed or not actioned gaining you thousands of dollars.


You may think you are proactive and lock a customer in before expiration or may tell yourself that you will get to it shortly after it expires but this opens you up to error.

It would be handy to know when a maintenance contract is due for renewal so you can action.  Regardless of your contract’s being 1 year, 2 years or 80 months.

Even better, if a contract slips through the gatekeeper (ie has expired in the past) you will still get the opportunity to know that and action accordingly.

We’ve got an excellent feature called Expiring Maintenance Job Series, which will tell you the window a maintenance job series is falling in and provide the critical delta days to allow you to take action.

You can:

  • specify a window and it will tell you which maintenance series are expiring
  • get a call list of customers to call and reactivate them to sign up for another contract

An excellent way to generate new revenue and keep the team busy following up on maintenance contracts and best of all generating extra revenue every month.

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