Incorporate exercise

My tips for balance in Health and Business

What do the really, really gun business coaches do for business owners? What’s the last thing they do before they let you leave?

Talk about your Health!

First they cover:

  • Strategy and Goal setting
  • Processes optimisation to systemise your workflows
  • Team management to get you kicking goals fast
  • Managing finances
  • Your sales process.

They do those core parts of business to help you reach the goals you have set. But the people /businesses who really, really excel beyond this basic implementation of advice are the ones who look after their health as part of the process.

Healthy balance

They look after their physical health (nutrition and exercise). That leads to better mental health, of course, and I guess those two things sit really snugly together, mental health and physical health.



Critically, a GREAT Business Coach will ask you to invest in your health.  If you think you can operate on a really crap diet, not give yourself any downtime and think you can perform at your best, you’re kidding yourself.Sit back and relax

You have to invest yourself. Todd Herman says this, “You need to protect the asset, and you are the primary asset.” You can’t help anyone, you can’t build your business, you can’t help your customers, you can’t do anything if you are not at your peak.

Work out a diet which works for you. Make sure you get some exercise. If you exercise as part of your work the you are 1 step ahead :  but often you are sitting or driving.  You’re not supporting the structure of your body very well.

I have a harder job, I sit in front of the computer for most of the day. Humans were not designed to do that.  I have discovered over the past 5 years that if I don’t get out and get sun and exercise, my body falls apart.  I have now incorporated a 30 min bike ride every morning before I start my day.  It has allowed me to catch up on reading (through audio books) and space to think about problems or create strategies.

You may need to go to the gym or do some weights at home, or go bike riding, go running or swimming, or find something that allows you to balance out the work you do.

Get your down time organised – I spoke of this in my post about pacing yourself to maintain motivation.


Diet. Me, personally, I’m on what most people would consider a crazy eating regime. I’m on a carnivore diet, I just eat meat. It’s working really well for me, it’s cured my reflux, my energy levels are better. My strength is better.

I got that diet from Shawn Baker, who’s a 51 year old dude who’s breaking world records and he’s been doing it for two years and other people I’ve followed have been doing it for 20 years. They’re healthy as, like insanely healthy individuals.   I’ve been nine weeks on the carnivore diet. It’s working for me.

Pick a diet which works for you, you’ll know if your body’s enjoying it or not enjoying it. And look after yourself.

Have a great week everyone.