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My Big Lessons in Sales and Marketing for HVAC Businesses

Hi, FieldInsight people. It’s Paul, here.

I want to talk about a Big Lesson, which has taken me many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years to get my head around : This is Marketing and Sales and what they really are and are not.

My background is I am a technical person, from Software Developer, solution architecture, software architecture, business analysis, project management. These are all geeky, technical things.

But the last 10 years I have moved to Product Development/Management, usability design, that’s what I’ve been doing and loved moving into. This has helped immensely in designing and implementing our fantastic job management software that transforms customers businesses and that makes me happy to be helping them.

Moving into Sales and Marketing was a big mental shift for me and I thought it was like a project; you just execute this stuff for a little while and then you get more customers. Or you execute this for a while and you get more leads. And it’s not. It’s a different game.Sales and marketing funnel

Sales and marketing, it’s more than a marathon. It’s an ongoing process that needs movement/momentum.

A brilliant saleswoman, Sarah, made a comment to me “It’s following the bouncing ball.”  Duh, this just clicked for me – it is the same for Sales and Marketing.

  • You need to engage your customers.
  • You need to follow-up and nurture those relationships.
  • You need to keep producing content of high value in the right context, as Dan Martell would say (my business coach).
  • You need to be regular with it and it needs to go where people will find it.
  • You need to take that content and it needs to lead the customer to the next step in the journey.
  • You’re not pushing anyone to get to the next step as everyone runs at their own pace.
Follow the pathWhen they’re ready, you have a path for them to follow


My learnings

Sales and marketing is not a project. It’s an ongoing, repeatable process.

It’s both simpler and harder than it sounds!

  • If you’re not a consistent person, get someone else to do it for you because it’s all about consistency.
  • It’s all about sticking to your deadlines and your appointments and your follow-ups and being there for your customers.
  • Obviously, being personable and that sort of stuff helps, but really at the essence of it is just being reliable, just be there (I gave some tips on selling in a previous post).

The content creation side of it is you have the knowledge, just share it regularly at a minimum once a week and that’s just scratching the surface. Three times a week is where you start to get traction and getting out to the different channels. Pick a channel, keep producing content for that channel. You want to be consistent, so people know that you’ll be there when they’re looking for that particular thing.

Context, take any Field Service Business Facebook or Instagram account these days; photos, videos that engage Customers on what they do and all the feedback they get from customers.

Be consistent in type and context, so they know what they’re going to get from you; not too many photos of you on holiday ;).  People hate change. They just don’t like it. It’s in their DNA – so execute the plan consistently – they know where you are and what you post.

Sales and marketing are both about consistency. You have the knowledge. Side note, the best, best sales or marketing material is testimonials.

Anyway, that’s just my little two cents worth after 10 years of struggle to understand sales and marketing for my Business.

Go forth and prosper 🙂