Invest in Yourself as you are the Asset

G’day, FieldInsight people

Today I wanna talk ‘Bookworm’s Win’ .

Basically, continuous investment in yourself and treating you as the asset by developing yourself is a key element in running your business.

You might not like to sit down and weigh through pages of a book or reading might not be your thing (I myself like listening to audio books as you can have that in your headphones running in the background while you work) but is effort you need to put towards developing yourself.

Reading books and watching relevant videos is an excellent way to open your mind up and think about problems and how to solve them in different ways.

There’s very little in business that someone hasn’t written a book about that you can learn and apply; in a recent post I covered borrowing brillance as a well of developing products:

  • Setting goals
  • Marketing hacks
  • Sales pipelines
  • Managing staff

So trying to learn it all yourself is bananas; the definition of insanity actually.

So get on to Kindle or or Fishpond and find some books in areas that are causing you headaches at the moment,

I try and read 30 minutes or listen to 30 minutes of an audio book every morning either in the car when I’m driving or when I’m riding my bike.  This is just an excellent way to open your mind up and I find it personally energizing and motivating ’cause it helps me think about new ways to solve problems’.

Some Recommendations

I have previously recommended some books that I have been steered towards by my Business Coach but I also get recommendations from my customers.

Jaeson a customer in Melbourne recommended ‘The New One Minute Manager‘. It’s an excellent, excellent book. It’s a revision of the original One Minute Manager, which I read and now I’m re-reading The New One Minute Manager. It has some foundational concepts in managing a team and motivating and giving them clear direction and supporting them to create a team environment where you all win.  I have posted numerous blogs recently on the pitfalls of managing staff.

I have also recommended Borrowing Brillance.

The other book I really like is ‘Essentialism‘, which in the present day we find ourselves taking too many things on at once. So Essentialism by Greg McKeown is about trying to double down and focus on key objectives and exclude everything else.

If you can get your energy focused in one direction, you will actually be much, much, much more productive. Trying to switch between two, three, four or five things in a day (context switching) your productivity plummets. And you find at the end of the day you’ve actually only moved the needle 15 percent.

If you just do one thing all day, you move the needle 100 percent


Its hard to emphasize the importance of focus.

Investing in yourself cant be emphasised enough.  Get some audio books, try any of my recommendations to get your started but there’s plenty of problem spaces you can find a relevant book to help with.


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