How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Computer Services Business

While Twitter is still being eclipsed by Facebook in the social media competition, there is no denying the site’s appeal. Devotees of the site tend to stick around all day, treating Twitter as a chat room.

As a computer services company, it is important that you appear as technologically advanced as your customers, making a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and any other social  media site a must. Before you set up your Twitter page and start busily tweeting, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Join the Conversation Gradually

Twitter is a site for conversation. But you can’t just jump into conversations to market your business. Set up your profile and post a few tips on computer repair and maintenance. Then you can begin to build your following.

Find Like-Minded Members

You’ll soon learn that the key to getting followers is to follow others. Find others who specialize in providing computer repair tips on Twitter and follow them, replying to their tweets. If you begin engaging in conversation, others who follow these Twitter members will take note and check out your page. Soon you’ll find complete strangers are following you.

With Twitter, the more you interact, the more effective your marketing will be. Setting up a page is only the first step to your computer services Twitter presence. But unless you are truly helping people as part of your Twitter presence, you’ll likely go unnoticed. Constantly marketing specials and services only drives people away. You need to provide information people find useful.

Give Away Advice

While giving away advice for free may seem counterproductive to drawing computer repair business, the truth is, that free advice may make all the difference. When you see someone having an issue you can help with, post your advice. If that advice actually works, that person will likely mention you in a thank you post, getting your business’s name out. Over time, your computer repair service will become known as both knowledgeable and friendly.

Of course, none of that advice will do any good if the customer lives across the country. It’s important to find locals who will take advantage of your services. To do this, you may need to stick to following businesses and individuals in your city and neighboring towns. Over time, your customers will find you and recommend you to other locals.

Customer Service Interaction

Big business has been using Twitter for customer service for a while. The key, as these businesses have found, is to respond to anyone who Tweets about your company with grace and professionalism. Remember, others are watching how your computer services business responds to complaints and compliments and keeping that in mind when making decisions about your business.

If a customer has an issue, offer to resolve that issue via direct message rather than publicly. Provide free services or discount services to that customer in the hopes of making it right. On Twitter, the customer will not only be happy with your company once again but may spread the word to other Twitter members.

If you’ve been wondering how Twitter can help grow your computer services business, visit Twitter and see how other businesses like yours are building business using the social media site.