How Pest Control Businesses Can Use Facebook Marketing

At one time, television and print commercials were the best way for a pest control company to get the word out about their services. Placement in the phone book was important, as well. But today’s consumer doesn’t turn to the phone book or TV to learn about businesses in their area. Today’s consumer heads straight to the Internet.

You already have a great website, but even a great website is only as good as its content. Even if you have a blog you regularly update, visitors won’t keep coming back unless they feel they are a part of the community. A Facebook fan page not only helps you reach consumers where they are, it also gives you the opportunity to provide updates that regularly put your business name in front of potential and existing customers. Here are a few tips to help you use Facebook marketing to boost your pest control business.

Make Your Page User-Friendly

Your business is all about your customers. Your pest control management firm’s Facebook page should reflect that. If you have any current specials, be sure they’re easily visible. Consider implementing a splash page-a welcome page that greets visitors and features a large graphic with coupons and specials.

Interaction is key. Your customers need to feel that you have a customer service presence on the page in order to know their voice is being heard. Respond to comments, both positive and negative, with grace and class. What you post isn’t only being read by that customer but by potential customers who may make a buying decision about your pest control services based on what you post.

Post Interactive Status Updates

On Facebook, it’s all about interaction. Ask questions that engage readers, like, “What bug scares you most?” or, “What is your worst bug experience?” Host polls to make visitors feel like they can give your pest control management company feedback on things.

Post seasonal tips to remind customers of services that need to be serviced. Something like, “Spring is here and the ants are coming out of hiding. Call us today for a free service quote.” And don’t forget to offer specials to Facebook fans. A discount of as little as ten percent can make a big difference to the average customer. And if that customer goes onto retain your services on an ongoing basis, it will be well worth it.

Incorporate Photos

Photos can add another element of entertainment for curiosity-seekers, so be sure to beef up that section of your page. Include a group photo of your team, your facilities, and employees on the job to show yourselves as accessible, hard-working, and friendly.

To get more fans, network with others in the community on Facebook to show your local pride. By posting to Facebook pages of local plumbing companies, HVAC businesses, and even restaurants and retail locations, you can catch the attention of other customers in the area and get your name out there.

If you haven’t given Facebook a try because you didn’t think your pest control business could benefit from social networking, you’re missing a great opportunity. More and more businesses are learning the benefits of marketing through Facebook, and as a business providing pest control services, you can easily benefit from this great marketing tool.