Electrician Job Scheduling Helps Businesses Save Thousands of Dollars in Fuel Costs

Every other day, we hear on the news that gas prices are on the rise yet again. While this is bad news for the average consumer, businesses that deal with electrician job scheduling can be especially hit hard by the news. With teams in the field all day, transportation and fuel costs can quickly add up, taking money from a business’s bottom line and inhibiting profit.

One of the biggest ways electrician software can help save business costs is by helping businesses cut down on routes. Below are a few ways you can automate processes and save thousands a year in fuel costs for your company.

Built-in GPS

Electrician A leaves his house at seven a.m. and heads across town to do his first job. Electrician B, meanwhile, is on the same side of town where Electrician B is working. He crosses to a completely different side of town, where he starts his first job for the day before finishing up and heading to Electrician A’s starting point.

Both electricians are wasting valuable moments crossing town, not to mention the added expense each year to your fuel and car maintenance budgets. Obviously, your job scheduler needs to spend a little more time with a map, but who has time? There are so many other demands on your administrative staff, it’s hard to keep up with where your staff members are every single second of the day.

Electrician job scheduling software can make sure Electrician A takes the job closest to his first point of departure in the morning, then schedule all other jobs based on proximity. Electrician B, meanwhile, is covering those jobs on his side of town, keeping travel time and fuel costs at a minimum. Over time, these savings add up, in addition to the extra jobs your electricians are able to squeeze in each day, thanks to your electrician job scheduling software.

More Efficient Job Scheduling

The above scenario works perfectly, as long as you never have a last-minute cancelation or no-show, right? At that point your schedule is thrown off-kilter, leaving electricians driving across town to fill empty spaces between appointments. Electrician software can help with that, shuffling schedules to allocate work in a way that makes sense. If one electrician has a cancelation, your software will automatically shuffle his appointments around to give him an option that fits in with his day’s schedule, keeping him on his route.

Say one of your electricians calls in sick. This leaves a day’s worth of jobs that need to be picked up by other electricians. Maybe this is doable, maybe not. The electrician job scheduling software will seek out the most logical solution to the new scheduling dilemma, juggling schedules in a way that makes the best use of your team’s time.

Electrician job scheduling software has an almost immediate return on investment for small businesses, automating processes and freeing you up to concentrate on making your business the success it is destined to be.