Do you Suffer Fat Fingers when entering your Job Notes?

Hi, Paul from FieldInsight and here is this weeks #TuesdayTalk.

Who suffers from fat fingers, rushed for time (or no time) to complete your job notes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find ways to make things faster and simpler in the field for your team and that would translate to more accurate information received in the office.

How to capture data in the field for your technicians who have fat thumbs or are time poor.


There have been gigantic leaps in voice technologies, these technologies have seamlessly integrated in to our personal lives; we don’t even realise the way in which we find an answer has changed significantly (just in the last 2-3 years).

The wonders of Siri or Google’s Alexa and how it has revolutionised search; you can:

  • get a weather report by just asking (for any city in the world) – or the marine or snow forecast
  • get an answer to a question without having to unlock your computer/device, open a browser and type the question in
  • find a restaurant that is open in your area right now that delivers

All of this opens the path to doing business faster as well. 

Have you considered how you use voice to get things done faster or more accurately in your Field Service Business?

Simple problems

So, you are in the field and you want to capture job notes – easy right?  Well not if you have fat thumbs or limited time (got to get to the next job).  Or you might want a quick and easy way to communicate with the office that you need extra parts or you want to make a note on a project.

Easy, if you have the ability to record a voice note and attach to the job….well it just so happens we allow you to do this inside our job management software using features available on the latest mobile devices (check your phone/tablet settings). 

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your job in the mobile app
  2. Click in the Job or Tech notes section and click in the area (where you would normally type)
  3. Check the bottom of the screen for the microphone symbol
  4. Click the microphone and start talking (watch the magic happen)
  5. Once you have finished the voice to text feature will transpose in to the note section
  6. Done!

So just click that microphone and then get cracking. There’s about 98% accuracy.

How would you use it?

You can add anything; ie I replaced the fan motor, or I used this part, I encountered a problem here, I installed the system or I need parts.

The voice to text is outstanding right now. They spent millions and millions of dollars making it work and for it to integrate seamlessly in to our natural language.  Now we get to leverage this in our day to day lives (including how we work on the job).

Using this with FieldInsight will cut down on RSI, fat thumb problems and give you more time and flexibility on the job.

Here are FieldInsight our Mission is to help field service businesses streamline their operations to allow peak efficiencies that make a profound difference.  Keeping up with the latest trends is hard but we are always looking for ways to improve how you use our software that can bring measurable benefits to you – using voice notes may just help you and we would love to hear how you have made it work for your business – comment below 🙂

We want to help HVAC, Duct Installation, Mechanical Services, Plumbing and Refrigeration and Commercial HVAC install and service teams succeed, this is more than just the tools or software they use.  Its People and Process.

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