Dispatch Software for Field Services and Electricians

As a business owner over a team of electricians, I often find there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the things I normally do. I am not only the dispatcher, manager, and salesperson, but I spend quite a bit of time in the field working jobs myself.

On those days when the phone is ringing off the hook and I have appointments scheduled, I usually feel as though things are spinning out of control. But all that was before I started using dispatch software for field services. Here are a few ways this software has saved my sanity.

Customer Tracking

Before the software, I had customer information everywhere. Some was in my computer in my e-mail contacts. Some was in an Excel spreadsheet a previous assistant had set up for me. I had two address books and an appointment calendar, all with scribbling that included customer phone numbers and details. It was a mess.

Dispatch software puts all of that in one place, so I’m always sure the information is the latest available on that customer. This isn’t only the phone number and address of the relevant customer but also information on the customer’s job history. I can track every past and present job on a customer in one place, while on the way to the job if necessary. This is handy if the customer has questions while I’m at the job site.

Job dispatch software is also handy for tracking customer conversations. Who can keep up with all the things we say to customers? It’s confusing. This software lets me keep notes on everything from promises we’ve made to bids we’ve given to customer birthdays, if we choose to keep up with that.

At-a-Glance Scheduling

I need to be able to see all of my upcoming appointments at a glance, giving me an idea on Monday for what I have going on for the week. My customers may not ever realize it but I do have a life outside of work. Additionally, being able to have my schedule in front of me at all times allows me to get a feel for how long each job is taking.

That brings me to the next benefit of dispatch software for field services. You’ll have access to reporting that can give you an idea of how long each job takes to avoid your workers from being overbooked. This can save your business from costly mix-ups.

All of the information available in dispatch software can be shared with my workers, as well as my customers. Being able to e-mail information to customers is a huge bonus, always impressive to customers who are expecting today’s businesses to be technologically advanced.

Job dispatch software has streamlined my customer relations, providing each customer with a consistent experience. In my personal experience, the increase in repeat business has been tenfold, with customers so impressed they keep coming back. Additionally, by automating my business, I’m able to save myself hours of paperwork, which is time I can put to use bringing in new business.