juggling customer service

Boost your Customer Service with One Click

Customers demand a lot these days….the first impression when they call is the most critical.

You dont have a memory like an elephant, could have multiple people answering the phones and cant be expected to know everything about the customer in the first 5 seconds.  You also don’t want to brush the customer off with vague statements (yes I remember….)…panic as you bluff your way through the call.

WHAT YOU WANT….is to have the history of that customer at a Glance (and a Quick glance at that)!


Being on the front foot means you can pick up at the last contact with the customer and that makes them feel like you really have a handle of the situation and you aren’t just a contact in a database.

Even better if its an inflight job you know exactly what is happening on site right now!

We live to make your job easy!  See linked video below for how to do it in our software.