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Are you missing out on Thousands of Dollars on Service Followups

You’ve done a big install job or you’ve commissioned a project that’s gone great but 12 months down the line you totally forgot to follow up on the service/maintenance work!  

YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that could be added to your bottom line and you are also providing a horrible customer experience.   


Hands up if you have experienced the scenario where you busted a gut to complete the install over 18 months and you’ve knocked it out of the park for the customer and secured that lucrative 12 month maintenance contract (the cream that will sustain the bottom line and ROI for that job).  You are ticking along and the unbeknownst the 12 months maintenance service has been and gone – expired!

Six weeks later, something goes wrong. Customer rings you up, “Something’s gone wrong, come out and fix it.” You go, “I’m sorry you’re out of your maintenance cycle.”  Customers are busy too – its not something that is top of mind when they are having AC units installed.

So the conversation with the customer goes something like this….

“You’re out of your maintenance cycle?” And they’re like, What?”

“Yeah, you’re out of your maintenance cycle.”

“Nah, you didn’t tell me.”

“Sorry, this is the contract you signed.”

“Come on, you don’t tell me I’m out of my maintenance, how am I meant to know?”

Not a great customer experience, they will find another provider (your competitor) and moan and groan to them and reward them for the ongoing services work.

Wouldn’t it be nice

If you could manage this pipeline of work for your services team and you got that work automatically turned over to you once the install work was completed?

The scenario would then be much more proactive where a reminder went out to the technician, the scheduler and the customer to follow up on the maintenance/service bringing together:

  • the specific asset
  • the customer 
  • the job type

That way, the customer gets a chance to know that their asset is coming up for maintenance/warranty service and confirm the appointment.  That gives you a chance to schedule the job and confirm the technician and prepare for the job (parts etc)

It also means if the customer declines the service then it’s 100% on them and you’ve done all you can; who doesn’t want their equipment maintained if the warranty is risked?

What does this mean for you?

  1. Increase revenue over many years of that assets effective life
  2. Growing a team
  3. Increasing your bottom line

The effect of capturing this work can be profound on your bottom line after three years.  You can build a team that is based on consistent regular service work.

If you’re a services team and you’ve got eight techs in the field, this can generate an additional  $28,000 a month in revenue for you. That’s $300,000 a year in money you are pouring down the drain by not having an automated system to follow up on those services.

If you then add Maintenance/Warranty schedules, that’s another $300,000 a year. That’s half a million dollars of work, over the year.

That’s staff you could be hiring and improvements to your bottom line made

The silly thing is, You’ve got the customer.  This is growth that you can attain

  • without a hard core focus on Marketing
  • without having to go out and find customers

The ability to service and leverage this existing customer is called expansion revenue. This is taking the existing customer, delivering a better service to them, making them happy and getting more revenue from them.  

Why would you not want to do this?

Because it’s hard to get that organized and it’s hard to automate those processes because they’re complex.

Here at FieldInsight (previously known Scheduleflow), we make this process easy; we have a flexible follow-up report that can be used which leverage automation of reminders/triggers to ensure these jobs don’t get lost or missed. We give you a visual way to see what is coming up by Job type so you can action proactively.  This gives you the power to:

  • Lock in the next 2-4 weeks of work across the team
  • Allocate the jobs to technicians more intuitively
  • Delight the customer by being proactive
  • Lock in revenue that would otherwise be missed

How can we help

Give us a call, we’ll set up a demo, it’s easy as pie, added benefits, we have oodles of functionality to support mechanical services businesses trying to find a seamless way to connect the install to service team workflows.  

You get a seamless handover between install and service teams with this being the difference between growth and flat line and flat line is a slow road to Bust.   

Flat lining is no good. It’s that simple – Get Control NOW 

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