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Are paper Service Reports causing headaches in your services team

Hi, Paul from FieldInsight and here is this weeks #TuesdayTalk.

I’m going to talk about Service Reports and some of the problems with paper-based service reports.

If you are running paper service reports then you must be experiencing many of the problems we outline below.

Arduous hours compiling the inputs from the customer, asset and job history!

The biggest one is wasted time:

  • Capturing all the relevant information that is meaningful for you (and the customer)
  • Losing a service report (flew out the window as you were driving – hands up who that has happened to 😉 )
  • Not being able to read it (handwriting illegible because technician was in a hurry!)
  • Getting a copy to both the customer and the office

The next is the importance of:

  • Knowing that you have a service upcoming and for what asset / customer
  • Coordinating the team / technician and locking in the customer to date/time

Service reports are gold for a Service team (any industry)

Everyone who runs a Service team will know how hard it is to capture all the Service jobs (once off or a series where you have locked a customer in to a 12, 24 or 36 month Service/Maintenance contract) and trying to look for those elusive opportunities to lock a customer in (ie after an install…).

Managing that Asset is critical to ensure that it runs at its peak efficiency and doesn’t become susceptible to wear and tear leading to failure.

The key elements of a good service report are:

  • Captures all the relevant Asset information for the unit(s)
  • Date of installation, manufacturer
  • Job notes including parts used
  • Keeping a record of what occurred
  • Scheduling the follow-up

Streamlining the production of your service reports (through automation) will save you thousands of wasted hours (and lost productivity) in production and distribution and recall.

Upside to managing a Good service reporting workflow

Saving you time
My handwriting looks like a doctor’s scrawl. It’s illegible. I am dyslexic, my handwriting is never getting better. But I can type okay, and I can do audio to text into the service reports; I don’t even have to type.
So the ability for me to digitally capture my service report, it’s easy. There’s no excuses. It’s faster, and it’s instantly back at the office.

A lost service report on paper or time tracking them down trying to get them all into one place, even when you get them into the office then you can’t search them (they’re not digital), you can’t go back to a service report you did two years ago quickly.
You’ve got to hunt through filing cabinets and try and find customer records and the easier path is to let the opportunity pass you by as ‘too hard‘!!

Locking in revenue 

Managing the customer and expectations along the way ensure that you can comfortably speak with them when relevant milestone approach (large service due; time/cost) or end of life on the unit and a new one is recommended.

The Benefits

Service reports are an opportunity to:

  1. Streamline your business (no handing off of tasks between technician and office)
  2. Increase accuracy in the information you need (straight from the job and asset)
  3. Digitise your workflow completely
    (a PDF document you can send to the office to review before they send it off to the customer or send it straight to the customer if you’re happy with it).

But importantly, capture it in a form where you can instantly see it, you can read it because it’s typed or it’s audio to text.

There is new work waiting there to be tapped into, and there is time to be saved to get away from paper. So protect your relationship with your customers, protect your revenue with making sure you get every new opportunity which is sitting there for you.


We got this

In our FieldInsight software, a Service report is configurable within an hour. We can do it for you (make it look just like a professional document; ie a Quote or Invoice) or you can do it yourself.

We can also trigger it to automatically to go the office when a job is flagged as completed. We want to make your life easy…

“Easy for the Technician and Easy for the Office”

means you can get on with running your business.


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